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Natasha Flynn’s Top 8 Secrets Every Model Should Know



Have you ever wondered how fashion models look so beautiful and glamorous all the time? We also have similar doubts in our minds before Natasha Flynn disclosed all necessary beauty secrets to flaunt one’s radiant skin day in and out.

Natasha Flynn is a well-known fashion model. You can get a glimpse of her wonderful creative skills on social media sites and fashion magazines, including Vogue.

Natasha’s top 8 beauty secrets will be an eye-opener for all aspiring models and fashionistas. “If you want to retain your beauty then you have to maintain a strict beauty regime. You must nourish your skin to let it exfoliate on its own and restore its freshness,” Natasha said.

Don’t Touch Face

Natasha feels touching one’s face can not only spoil the makeup but affect the skin’s natural ability to regenerate new cells. “Gently massage your face using a quality face wash. At least repeat the process two-three times a day. And don’t touch your face, eyes, and cheeks throughout the day,” Natasha explained.

Adding further, she said, “Make it your daily routine to apply a good night cream all over your face at the time you go to sleep.”

Delicately Remove Eye Makeup

“Once you return home, gently remove your eye makeup. Use lukewarm water to softly caress your eyelashes with your fingertip. I saw many girls get into trouble because they try to harshly remove their eye makeup—but it’s not right. It will badly hurt your eyelashes,” Natasha warned.

She said the right process of removing eye makeup is to softly massage eyelashes with running water until the mascara fully goes away.

Keep Moisturizing

Moisturize your skin as much as you can. Natasha Flynn highlights the importance of moisturizing saying, “It is essential to exfoliate your skin at least twice a week. Also, never try to replace moisturizer with any other cream or lotion—because they won’t help. Using a daily moisturizing cream on the face is perfect for your daily beauty routine.”

Natasha advised that girls with oily skin can opt for a light moisturizer.

Follow Natural Skincare

Natasha Flynn is a great believer in natural ingredients to augment her beauty. She uses coconut oil on her face and body frequently when the temperature is too high outside.

Also, Natasha suggests aspiring models to regularly cleanse their faces and take adequate care of their skin.

Include Tea Tree Oil In Beauty Regime

Every person encounters problems like unwanted acne and blemishes. Though there is no hard and fast rule to get rid of the same, one can include tea tree oil in their beauty routines. Tea tree oil is full of antibacterial compounds, which greatly help you get flawless and beautiful skin.

Natasha uses Neutrogena scrub and follows it up with a tea tree oil-infused skin toner for maximum skin benefits.

Steam Can Help Your Skin

Natasha said that whenever she gets some spare time away from the spotlight, she utilizes the time by going make-up-free. “When you go outside, you are exposing your skin to various harmful pollutants and substances. That is why it is necessary to flush out dirt from your skin pores. I, personally, prefer at-home facial steam. It is quite simple. Just add some mint tea to a bowl of lukewarm water and put your face over the bowl. Now start inhaling the steam,” Natasha said.

It helps a lot by extracting out dirt and other pollutants out of the face.

Use Homemade Face Mask

Natasha uses a homemade face mask using honey and avocado. At night, she uses the face mask all over her face. It keeps her skin moisturized and well-nourished.

“Fashion models shouldn’t forget the importance of using homemade face masks using natural ingredients. If you want to retain a glossy and fabulous skin, then you have to pay a lot of attention to the ingredients that you use for your beautiful skin,” Natash Flynn.

Ice Care

At night, Natasha uses ice packs on her face to improve blood circulation and tighten the skin pores. Though many models may not find ice care useful, Natasha feels refreshed and rejuvenated after using ice.

You can follow Natasha Flynn on her Instagram to know more about her or follow her beauty tips.

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