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Never Settle: Love for Fitness to Led to an Empire



As one of the most successful female entrepreneurs in the fitness industry today, Sarah Bowmar serves as an inspiration for many women who aspire to establish themselves. Sarah is a certified nutrition specialist, and the founder and CEO of Apex Protein Snacks and Bowmar Nutrition, sports nutrition brands who, despite being relatively new to the market, have already amassed strong following among athletes and fitness enthusiasts thanks to their delicious taste and advanced formulations that are anchored on the idea of fueling people’s goals.

For the unoriented, Sarah began her foray into fitness back in 2011 when she started joining fitness competitions. In  2014, she earned her Fitness Nutrition Certification and Personal Trainer Certification from the prestigious International Sports Science Association (ISSA). Since then, she has continued to further her knowledge about health and the human body, even earning a Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness Specialist Certification from the American Fitness Professional Association (AFPA). Soon after, she founded Bowmar Nutrition as an answer to the clamor for a premium sports nutrition brand that is dedicated in combining advanced technology and a profound understanding of user preference in the development of all its products. Her other nutrition venture, Apex Protein Snacks, makes it possible for those who love to explore the great outdoors to keep going longer and further, with delicious, high-protein, and low sugar snacks that you can take anywhere.

When asked about a single mantra that has guided her in her journey to the top, she shares, “I’ve always wanted to make my mark and when I fell in love with fitness and nutrition, I knew that it was the right space for me to really establish myself. Having that in mind, I never stopped working until I was happy with where I was. And I guess that is really one of the secrets to working your way to the top–everyday you have to get up and do what you have to do to go one level higher.”

She adds, “Never settle–I used the same mindset as I was creating my brands Bowmar Nutrition and Apex Protein Snacks. I wanted to offer my customers nothing but the best I can, and it’s really paid off.”

In addition to being an entrepreneur, Sarah is also a celebrated blogger and the author of the Amazon bestseller, “Zero to a Million Without Showing Your Butthole”. She is also an avid bowhunter and together with husband, Josh Bowmar, uses the practice to feed families in Mozambique and South Africa.

“You can apply this mantra in all aspects of your life. Want a better future for your family? Keep working on it. Don’t settle with what you have now. It’s OK. Want to give back and do social good more and more every year? Strive hard to do it. By all means, work your butt off, but also don’t forget to be kind to yourself and others. Don’t judge others if they don’t have the same drive and mindset as you and forgive yourself if you’re not able to reach your goals within the timeframe you set. It happens, and the best way to move forward is by starting again.”

Sarah is not stopping anytime soon. Even with Covid-19 she continues to grow her online presence and businesses. She says that people should watch out because she has a lot of other things she’s very excited to launch. To know more about Sarah, you may visit her blog You can also give her a follow on Instagram @sarah_bowmar.

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