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New ERC20 Token Sensō Inu Aims To DISRUPT Cryptocurrency As We Know It



Over the last year, many of us have followed the rise of cryptocurrencies as some coins have seen all-time highs like bitcoin while others like doge coin have gained cult-like social media followings! It seems that more and more people are finally looking into how crypto and block chain technology can start to change the world for the better. In general, crypto, or blockchain is difficult for new users to understand and with the way things are now, they require you to have a more complex understanding of blockchain and crypto technologies to even get started. Whereas in almost every other industry, accessibility and simplicity have become almost expected across all levels. We as people like things fast and simple, why should cryptocurrencies be any different? 

That’s where decentralized projects like Sensō Inu come in. They have set themselves on a mission to change the way we interact with crypto and lower the barrier of entry to the blockchain space. Sensō Inu is an ERC20 token traded on uniswap. With the way things are now, even something simple like buying Sensō Inu’s token is something that seems tedious and confusing to a new user, as you may have already noticed if you tried to buy some.

That is why Sensō Inu has started their own community. From the onset they have focused on building out an engaging, intelligent and helpful community to welcome users of all knowledge and skill levels, helping them on their crypto journey.

They have also simply broken down the steps of buying their token on their website. You can check that out here at 

In another step towards simplicity, they are working on implementing a way to buy their coin using a traditional credit/debit card method. They will also be launching the Sensō Secure wallet app for Apple and Android devices which will eventually include a debit card of their very own, which will make it easy for users to spend from their crypto funds, as simply as swiping a mastercard. Solving a key problem, as businesses accepting crypto as payment are few and far between.

Their goal with the wallet app is to simplify use and allow the individuals using their platform to learn and explore the world of blockchain. There will be many features within the App that will streamline and simplify the process for users of all experience levels opening up the crypto space for anyone who is interested!

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. brian

    June 11, 2021 at 7:07 am

    Have been invested in and following this project for a few weeks, very excited for the app launch and all that lies ahead!

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