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Nick Theriot – The E-Commerce Expert that Generated $840,000 in 21 Days W/Shopify & Facebook Ads



In a world gone digital, it’s no surprise that online is the place to be for businesses looking to scale. Online marketing has opened up countless avenues for brands leading to exponential growth, enhanced exposure, and maximum ROI. But in a highly saturated market – loaded with competition – what sets apart the dominant few from the mundane majority? Nick Theriot, the founder of Theriot Solutions, has identified the inner workings of a successful online presence. 

Most recently, Nick generated $840,000 in 21 days with Shopify and Facebook ads through the application of three key concepts. His company, Theriot Solutions is an eCommerce agency that systematically leverages paid advertising for brands to break through their fixed monthly revenue and substantially multiply profits. 

Nick’s track record speaks for itself, having taken one client that was negative on ads to $2.1 million in sales with Facebook Ads at a 300% ROI. Other clients, previously stuck between $25,000 to $50,000, are now generating $250,000 each month through 10x Facebook Ads profitability. The company currently manages 6+ figures/month on Facebook Ad spend across multiple client accounts. 

Discover the significance of digital advertising in business growth and Nick’s three key concepts to master Facebook Ads in 2021.  

The realm of eCommerce is multiplying by the billions YoY. With a current projection of 6.5 trillion USD in worldwide sales by 2022, the eCommerce platform offers vast potential for brands looking to maximize profit. However, where most companies fall short is in laying the groundwork; setting up the right strategies to reveal your product or service to the right audience. 

In perspective, you could have a stellar product, but without strategic marketing in place, it’s not going anywhere. Industry experts like Nick have studied the ins and outs of this trade, knowing where to position, and how to execute. Having the support and guidance of a team focused solely on paid advertising will take out the guesswork, the trials and errors, and countless hours spent trying to figure out what they already know, in theory, and practice. 

Paid advertising is a game-changer in eComm as businesses can reach audiences in ways they couldn’t with organic. This calculated strategy connects you to your desired audience in precise detail. Facebook claims that it is 90% accurate in targeted campaigns; Whether you’re looking to tap into new markets or increase your current one, the platform is flexible in letting you target based on location, interests, and behavioral patterns. Theriot Solutions has mastered Facebook Ads to optimize the return of each dollar spent on digital marketing. 

Nick has executed a plan of action that has resulted in $4 million in cumulative revenue for his clients over the last 365 days. He highlights three concepts that were pivotal to this achievement. 

Three Key Concepts To Master Facebook Ads in 2021

  1. Grab attention

With a plethora of content emerging online, it’s easier to blend in than stand out. For this reason, creativity is a must in the initial point of contact, whether visual, audio or written. For Google Adwords, it’s the headlines, while for Facebook Ads, it’s the creatives. Scroll-stopping content pops out and draws in the user. For example, vibrant colors, artistry, catchy thumbnails all generally perform better than basic ads. 

  1. Create desire

Once you’ve grabbed the attention, the next step is to create desire. Because it’s targeted marketing, it’s established that the audience has displayed an interest in this category and most likely possesses some type of want. This is where you channel that desire into your product or service. To effectively do so requires psychological elements; You draw emotion as it is known that people buy with emotion and justify with logic. You express all the advantages of your product that call to their desire while justifying logic in the form of results, reviews, and social proof.

  1. Reason to take action now

The final step is adding urgency, the reason to buy now rather than later. This step is essentially sealing the deal while you have your audience’s attention. At this point, the momentum is fresh. You’ve convinced them that your product will fulfill their desires and they’re more likely to act on it right away. Creating urgency can be in the form of a limited-time sale, right now only, free shipping for the first 100 customers. In other words, this is not just a simple call to action, but an immediate call to action, which allows for enhanced conversion. 

Nick can attest that businesses incorporating these three concepts in their ad campaigns perform far better than those without. Once you have a great product and a great offer, he recommends revamping your campaigns, adding new creatives, and applying the key concepts to start seeing more ROI from your digital ad dollars. 

In addition to paid online advertising, the team at Theriot Solutions specializes in the complete sales process in four phases. This includes:

  1. Deep dive into your business analytics to identify bottlenecks hindering company growth.
  2. Strategic planning to effectively eliminate barriers and open revenue streams
  3. Initial launch of ad testing to collect data to determine top performing variables
  4. Scaling once the path is clear, KPIs and benchmarks are established, it’s time to execute and hit your sales targets.

If you’re an eComm business owner spending at least $1000 a day in paid advertising and looking to scale further, get in touch with Nick and his team at Theriot Solutions to learn how you get the highest ROI on your digital ad spend. 

To learn more, visit

Or, connect with Nick on Instagram: @nicktheriot_ 

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Writer: Aaisha Ali

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