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Noir Agency CEO & Founder Anthony Logan Can Help Build Brands with Purpose



Due to the competitive nature of industries, it is essential to establish your brand purpose to distinguish yourself from other competitors. This does not only help you gain customers and profit, but also provides you a direction towards your vision for your company. However, creating, enhancing, and marketing brands can be tedious on your own, but do not fret for professional help is here.  

Anthony Logan, the founder and CEO of Noir Agency, has been in the branding industry for several years. This individual has learned all the tips and tricks that can transform any person or business into a reputable brand through strategic positioning and building brands that not only stand out but stand for something. 

About Anthony Logan

Thirty-three year-old Anthony Logan currently lives in Dubai, where he helps ambitious founders create and build brands with a purpose that can impact the world. 

When he entered college, he quickly realized that the standard educational system was not for him and, consequently, dropped out after just one lecture. Soon afterwards, Anthony started his first business and created a fashion and lifestyle magazine called La Vida, which he developed for two years before exiting to join a new startup,, as the head of design. During his time there, he worked closely with the CEO from whom he learned how to build and grow a brand. 

After leaving, he set himself out as a freelancer for a few years wherein he experienced many highs and lows. Through his experiences, he decided to start Noir Agency, an agency that specializes in branding, design, and web development. The founder and CEO of Noir Agency boasts of top-notch clients, such as NHS, Skyscanner, Unilever, Social Chain, Snoop Dogg, Emergent Bio Solutions, and Navigator Gas.  

Rising Amidst the Pandemic 

In 2020, the novel coronavirus came as a shock to the whole world and crippled many businesses and Noir Agency was not an exception. However, despite the pandemic, Anthony was able to rise above the storm as he continued to create change for brands of the future.

From April to October of 2020, he travelled to several countries across Europe, meeting new clients and winning new businesses. After months of travelling and reconstructing his company, he decided to set up an office in Dubai, which now serves as the main office of Noir Agency.  

Brands with Purpose

What sets Noir apart is that the company does not only create brands, but also help brands serve their purpose. There must be a correspondence between the expectations of consumers and what businesses can offer, therefore, branding must be rooted in meaning in order to ensure positive growth and progression for a business. 


Building your brand with purpose is crucial since having a brand with aesthetics and meaning greatly contributes to your company’s recognition and, ideally, its success. Noir Agency continues to grow across the MENA region and Europe and they hope to bolster their team with more talents this year across both regions. 

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