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Olivia Blais, who is working for her passion and wants to empower others



Olivia Blais is 24 years old and hails from Toronto. Olivia is a fashion model. She has worked with Canadian brands including Urban Planet, Winners, Soft Moc, Sirens, Cineplex. Gradually her work made her work with UK brands including Missguided, Gymshark, Boohoo, ASOS.

The reason behind choosing this as her career

Like many young girls, Olivia grew up idolizing the strong independent women she saw in magazines and on the runway. At 16, began a career of her own in the modelling industry. Since then she has the great opportunity of working with some of the leading fashion brands in the world. Olivia chose a career in modelling because she is an intrinsically independent, self-motivated woman who values opportunities that force her to adapt and evolve. “To be constantly moving and pushing myself past my confront zone would usually be seen as something uncomfortable and to be avoided. I see it as a blessing and chance for growth and self-discovery”.

Olivia shares her experience

Olivia believes that she has been successful in her field of work because her look is very ethnically ambiguous. She always brings good energy on set, she enjoys working with photographers that have a creative approach so they can make magic and bring the photos to life. Olivia is 5’ 8” with long brunette hair and tanned skin which makes her a perfect candidate for swim and lingerie. However, she also works in fashion, beauty, e-commerce and lifestyle. Some beauty brands that she has worked for are Dr Dennis Gross, Aveda and Luxy Hair.

Olivia’s most memorable job was working the Missguided Campaign in London, England. She wore a long blonde wig and it brought her out of the comfort zone. She shot for 2 full days and the campaign was released across the UK. “It was such a surreal moment to see my face all over the tube, billboards and social media platforms”, Olivia stated.

How have Olivia’s views changed over time

Like most people, Olivia entered the world of fashion with many misconceptions about what it looked to be a fashion model. Olivia learned success involves a lot of hard work, determination, patience and focus. This involves spending many months overseas away from family, constantly travelling from place to place for work and always being on the move. Olivia said, “Modelling is akin to running your own business – except the product, you are marketing is yourself. I’ve travelled the world and met some of the most influential people along the way. I can truly say I wouldn’t be able to see myself in any other industry. I can truly say that I wouldn’t be able to see myself in any other industry.”

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