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Omid Mehraban, Expert Consultant on Social Media and Cybersecurity



The business world too as gone through drastic and dynamic changes in the working method from the onset of the 21st century. All businesses have taken place on one huge platform of digital and social. It is considered one of the most important assets, tools, and platforms for any company to explore millions of customers and businesses. But there are always pros and cons of each sector, though it provides immense opportunities, popularity, and success, cut-throat competition and survival become a huge challenge. One needs pro knowledge and market expertise to make any business successful, which every person does not have, and most importantly security of the account.

To cover up all these factors one needs pro knowledgeable person and expert on social media platforms. Meet one such expert of social media, who works on each vertical efficiently and is a well-known personality within the social media realm for his proficient work – Omid Mehraban who hails from Gilan, Iran. His working skills have amazed massive clients by giving the level of success on the social platform that they can ever think of! He also works on the most important aspect of information security that is a cyber threat, which has increased with the increase in usage of social media. With his profound knowledge and expertise skills, he takes care of his elite list of clientele handling diverse social media accounts and prevents them from hacking. Omid ensures a high level of cyber security which keeps the business security in safe hands.

there’s also a constant cyber threat, with many entities transitioning their operations online, the need for having a strong security framework has increased. Omid also holds expertise in getting the security of online businesses intact by providing a robust security system to tackle such issues. He says, “With the growing use of the digital medium, which has undoubtedly come as a boon for all, it has also brought in a host of other security issues which can prove to be disastrous for your confidential data. High-level security breaches are common and one has to take safety precautions in order to bypass such serious threats, that’s when cybersecurity experts come into the picture and act as a shield which blocks your online system from breakdown.” Implementing a strong security strategy not only protects your business but also enhances your business standards, which would attract customers to your business. “Every business should take adequate measures to prevent cyber crimes and compulsorily implement cybersecurity as an essential component of its operations,” says Omid while speaking on the importance of security.

Along with social security, Omid’s marketing strategies and other imperatives too have made sure that his clients gather tremendous presence and visibility over the web that in turn boosts their brands and businesses. From small to medium to large sectors, he has worked with all of them excellently by enhancing popularity in massive audiences with his promotional skills, growth by his marketing strategies, which results in great success. He has swiftly become one of the most seek and sought-after social media consultants and experts in no time.

For more information, follow Omid Mehraban on Instagram @omidmehraban.

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