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Packing to Move House



Packing takes a lot more time than what many people think, and this is why you need to decide early whether you are going to pack things yourself, or if you are going to hire someone to help you with the packing, or even a little of both.

Whatever choice you make, you should always start early. If you choose to pack yourself, you will need to set aside a good amount of time every day where you dedicate it to packing.

You can get moving house kits that contain boxes, tape, bubble wrap, marker pens, and stacks online- amazon has a wide range of options to choose from depending on your budget and contents – or you can get them from a removals company.

You can also get specialist packing boxes from Gaylord Boxes at great prices– examples being dividers for plates or hanging rods for your clothes. You can also save by using towels, clothing to wrap precious things instead of bubble wraps. You can also choose to sandwich bigger things like a mirror between bedding or curtains.

One room at a time
Start by packing one room at a time and tackling the room that you use the least – make sure you remember the garden and the loft – then move to the more commonly used rooms like kitchen, living room, and bathroom. Doing this will allow you to see the results fast, and the space can be used for storing boxes from the busier rooms.

Label each box
Creating labels so that the removers will know where to put them in your new is a good idea to put the labels on the sides so that they can still be seen even when the boxes are stacked on top of each other. Labeling a box ‘bedroom’ is not enough unless it is a one-bedroomed property. A ‘child bedroom’ label is also not enough when you have more than one kid. Make sure you number your bedrooms, then label the bedrooms of the new home with the numbers so that every box will go where it is supposed to.

Make sure the label has the contents of the box. The mover will know what is fragile, and can easily tell how heavy a box is going to be.

Do not overfill the box or make it too heavy.
When packing your books, make sure the box is only half-filled, and fill the rest using light items like cushions. It is a good idea to pack heavy items in small boxes and light items in large boxes to prevent the temptation of overfilling them. When storing the boxes, ensure the heavy ones are at the bottom of the pile.

Packing valuables
Gather the valuable jewelry, important documents, small family heirlooms, and anything with sentimental value then pack them separately. Take expensive or valuable big items and photos, and note if there is any bump, scratch, or other damage.

Make sure they are always with you when traveling to your new home. If this isn’t possible, then ensure you have marked the boxes as ‘fragile’ and make sure the movers know that it is precious cargo.
When moving far, consider using home delivery services to send your valuables. This is a good idea because you can easily track your items and they are also insured.

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