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Parker Stone Kicking Entrepreneur Goals



Parker Stone is a 22 years old young man, currently in the process of building a multi-million dollar business using the power of social media and the internet. Born and brought up in a small town in Arkansas which is also the home of Walmart Parker noticed corporate lifestyle as very common in the society. Having a different entrepreneurial mindset Parker’s success journey has always been new and challenging.

 A different thought process and mission

 Parker always struggled in his school time because of his lack of effort in daily school education. Parker was always interested in entrepreneurship and knew that school and college life was not for him. This lack of interest in non – practical education got him rusticated from high school. The only thing he was sure about after being out of the school was that he will be able to make well over what the teachers and staff were making there. He eventually was able to pack up and leave on a self-journey across the country to get away from the old environment and explore new experiences and opportunities. Currently residing in Portland OR Parker is on a mission to help and change 1000s of lives through personal development and financial growth by using social media and the internet as a tool.

Stone’s success qualities and source of his inspiration & passion

Parker possesses the very key qualities which are necessary for one’s success in the materialistic world as well as in life as a whole. His hard work, persistence, patients, focus, and passion for work proved useful to him as well as for the people who consider him as a mentor for their career and financial life. His initial source of inspiration was the freedom and control of his own life so that he can do whatever interests him and not what society or any educational institution wants him to do. Currently, Parker is truly passionate about changing people’s lives in any way, shape, or form whether it is through the development of a new mindset, or helping someone get the financial situation correct. Parker never gives up attitude gave him the power to surpass all the people who did him wrong or doubted him and raised him to the level where he is today. He suggests using the hate and down talk as fuel and problems as stepping stones in the journey of success.

Future goals & ambitions

Today, Parker’s Grow With Us Agency comes in the top 1% in the digital industry helping people learn social media and online selling which is a major skill in this new online world. Parker himself is an e-commerce expert and has great experience in all kinds of online sales. He further plans to reach a million dollars in online sales in 2021 and wants to get into real estate and invest in apartments.

Parker drove away from everything comfortable at a very young age and achieved the results which speak more than his words. The inspirational personality is a youth icon among young people and will continue to change the lives of many in search of success and happiness.

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