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Patrick Tucker: Founder of True Measure Wealth Management and The Evolved Financial Advisor



As entrepreneurs, we are always focused on running our companies and often forget that our business finances are the backbone of our profit-making machines. When you mentor your clients, deeply understand them, and guide them towards a better future, you will learn the financial guardian methods. You learned what it means to be a dedicated counselor and how to use money as a means of living a more fulfilling life for yourself and those you serve.

Being an advisor or a consultant is a more significant duty than just making your profits work. It’s an understanding of the trust and responsibility that your clients confide in you and how you help find solutions to problems that are disrupting their business. Patrick Tucker is here to raise more awareness around being a better guide and becoming more money aware. 

Who is Patrick?

Patrick Tucker is the founder of True Measure Wealth Management, an investment advisory firm based in Omaha, Nebraska. Since his early days at UPS, Patrick has experience in business operations and financial management and has managed to transfer those business skills to running his consulting firm. Patrick Tucker guides financial advisors towards free enterprise and helps those looking to become financial advisors to do so in an entrepreneurial manner.

Patrick has a voracious appetite for learning, and his advocacy to never settling with limited knowledge led him to explore quite a few jobs early in his career. With each work experience, he got closer to his calling and what he truly was passionate about. Patrick witnessed several occasions that gave him a clear understanding of the need for having a trustable financial consultant and how our society, in general, needs to evolve more and become better at financial planning. He believes that parents are not teaching their children anything about managing money, and schools are not practical with their approach. Ultimately, all of us grow to become an adult who is completely unaware of how to work on credit and debits and end-up living a paycheck-to-paycheck life that’s often difficult to sustain. 

True Measure is a financial consulting company founded by Patrick that helps independent financial advisors implement effective marketing strategies to expand their consulting services. Patrick believes that it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel to be successful in business and that analyzing what is already at work in the financial advisory world and adapting it to your unique business can bring more engagement success. His guidance inspires thousands of advisors to become better at what they do and ultimately help their clients better. Patrick has helped upto 10,000 people to date, and his teachings are proving winning for his learners.

The information gathered from The Evolved Financial Advisor represents training that you won’t find in any educational institute or any industry. Patrick Tucker has done a lot of research to obtain this core information, study consulting companies, take online courses, study human behavior, find mentors, study social psychology and the human heart. This allowed him to master the art of business and guardianship. His clients are looking up to him not only for money but also for life. This has steadily increased his value and added value to his business over the past 15 years, and now he offers to teach his philosophy to others.

You can expect to learn everything about finance management from Patrick Tucker, including:

  • How to be an entrepreneurial financial advisor
  • How to set-up an elegant business model
  • How to be a financial caregiver

There are many training opportunities available across the country for financial advisers looking to grow their business and become the best advisers for their clients. Patrick’s guidance is what you are looking for in your industry. Patrick Tucker divides his consulting fee structure to accommodate different client groups and the critical business metrics he focuses on to make excellent use of his time and business resources. 

His focus is to genuinely help people who are lost in their cause and bring back the attention on making people’s lives easier. His training methods are lively, interactive, and continuous. Before the pandemic struck, Patrick used to travel worldwide and train corporate financial consultants all over the world. Now, ever-since the lockdown was imposed, he started training people virtually. 

He has created an online platform for people to be engaged with Patrick’s teaching; they can sign-up for his paid course that is specialized as per the purpose and age-group and also become a lifetime member and joins Patrick’s community of learners. 

Patrick Tucker puts a humane aspect to his teachings and consulting services since he has a chiseled skill of understanding human psychology. He first grasps what his clients are looking for, what they truly want, and then continues advising them. This approach is what makes him distinct from others. Patrick wants to make all the consultants out there understand the need for his personal touch to their services, and if you wish to learn from him, you can join his classes. 

Patrick’s course for Business-owner and entrepreneurs touches upon the areas such as risk evaluation, discovering investment profits, handling bookkeeping, discovering the right retirement plan, discovering business progress, making for the right retirement plan, and so much more! “I believed that in order to get ahead in the stock market, I needed to buy and sell a lot, and boy was I wrong. I’m so glad I found Patrick at the age of 31 instead of 50. I understand the stock market far better than I ever did, I’m not avoidant towards my finances anymore and I don’t lay in bed at night worrying about money. The financial peace of mind and freedom this membership has given me is truly priceless.”, shares Josh Magwire, one of Patrick’s successful and satisfied clients. 

To learn more about Patrick, visit his website, or follow him on social media.

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