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Payiza Is Dominating The Blockchain Payments Industry: Bibin Babu, Co Founder



As blockchain is making impact in finance industry globally, but no one has the payments platform has the feature to pay the bill from cryptos. Crypto payments is new to the industry and masses so no platforms has introduced it.

Even though a significant number of the Indian population is investing in different commodities, Crypto has yet not been fully accepted by investors. There is a very huge gap for awareness in this industry which will increase the number of investors even more if filled.

Paying bills is a necessity and This is when platforms such as Payiza come to the rescue for scores of the utility bill payments and money transfer through fiat as well as cryptos which makes it very unique.

Payiza DLT is one of the fastest and most secure Crypto platforms. You can now pay utility bills and other recharge through Payiza Money. Moreover, you can send money via Crypto anywhere in the world with just one click. The Payiza team works hard to make this platform one of the fastest, largest, and most efficient Crypto trading and Utility platforms.

Co-Founded by Bibin Babu, fondly known as Bibin, a young entrepreneur and investor. The fintech startup is based on a revolutionary concept that stuck his mind when he was working in blockchain industry along with his Co-Founder Mr. Mo Akram. He realized the true power of blockchain and cryptocurrency hence wanted to do something staunch for the industry and for common people. Bibin is driven to leave a mark on this world.

Being the eldest son of a middle-class family Bibin witnessed the struggles of life. This motivated him to build a career in entrepreneurship and technology. He was also featured in India today for the Top 5 wiz kids of India. He was even the first in his university to be offered a role in Google USA.

The entire idea of Payiza stems from integrating technology with simplicity to create a platform that functions along diverse verticals. Payiza is a one-stop platform to help you become cashless in this digital age. The services include Money transfer to Crypto trading and exchange.

“The idea and scope of the Payiza are so powerful that it has received a lot of applause in India, UAE and Africa. Users, Merchants, Banks, Governments and Investors are elated with the product and supporting us” says Bibin Babu.

On Payiza, even a common person can buy and sell the cryptocurrency, do money transfer, Pay utility bills, and exchange crypto to fiat.

Payiza is on a mission to digitize nations and make it cashless, by providing customers with the right technology to seamlessly conduct money transfer, Crypto exchange, Utility bill payments, and become a part of one of the fastest-growing industry in the world.

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