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In striving to create unique experiences and adventures that lead people to a rediscovery of themselves and their superpowers, Peakalogy keeps innovating and creating new platforms from which tomorrow’s leaders can thrive.

Are you rooting for the next generation of world leaders? Then you will love how Peakalogy is constantly changing the game. They continue to maintain their long-standing reputation for driving change by innovating, disrupting the norm, and investing in the leadership development of tomorrow’s leaders globally.

Their mission has always been to fuse adventure, creativity, and innovation to create more spaces where high-quality education is transferred to young leaders and life-changing impacts can be made.

This is part of what formed the foundation for a new partnership, a timely partnership that will help create a paradigm shift in your minds as leaders and have a ripple effect in the underserved communities of Nairobi Kenya. These young people deserve a shot at exposure to the best things life has to offer.

At Peakalogy, their values include Authenticity, Creativity, Integrity, Deep Connection, Innovation, Constant Improvement, and Service.. It is a conscious leadership development platform based in the U.S.A and founded by Mohamad Hoteit. The main focus of Peakalogy is global impact and leadership that is not limited to business alone but in every area of life.

Slumcode is a youth-serving social enterprise organization based in Kenya that develops programs that focus on Education, Entrepreneurship, and leadership to champion the development of youth talent within their communities to drive social and economic change.

It is at this junction that passion met mission and strong values intertwined, all of these combined to birth the dawn of a new day, the beginning of an adventure – An Adventure with Purpose.

The mission behind this adventure is to help fund the continued development of safe and sustainable educational spaces for youth talent development for kids in Nairobi, Kenya’s low-income areas.

Peakalogy’s values and passion for making a positive impact on the world and outdoor adventure led to the formulation of this experience, one that’s bound to be life-changing, one that’s meant to connect you with your higher self.

Peakalogy was blessed to witness the extreme and unique talent of these young kids and saw something far deeper than what met the eyes. This fostered a strong belief in the talent of these kids, and in their ability to develop into impactful young leaders that provide innovative solutions to grow and contribute further to the development of their communities.

The unique talents of these special kids must be nurtured, especially because they are stuck in a part of the world that often gets neglected.

This formed the foundation of the new partnership between Peakology and Slumcode. The adventure – ‘Adventure with Purpose’ a unique offering to the world that is designed to push you towards your inner greatness while helping a great cause, it’s a chance for you to leave a mark on the world! So it’s not just a typical adventure, no, it’s the creation of your Legacy. As the world is going virtual, Mohamad Hoteit, founder of Peakology, recognizes that there is no replacement to deep transformation like “in-person” immersive experiences where you are disconnected from everything that’s known to you. This is at the core of Peakology’s Adventure with Purpose Program which gives people that opportunity to transform from the inside out.

The mission is to make sure that you develop into individual strongholds that will leave legacies behind by-

  • Being involved in something much bigger; the development of the next generation of leaders, at the places you will be visiting during the trip.
  • Climbing Africa’s tallest mountain! Nothing opens up the mind like a good hike but this is a great one, we would be reaching Mt Kilimanjaro 19,341 ft. A height that has only been experienced by significantly less than 0.1 percent of the world’s population!
  • Transformational Coaching; tapping into the power of words, through coaching on the mountain to bring out the leader in you. Because the world needs you, it needs conscious leaders who will make decisions with the interest of other people at heart but most of all you need you! You need to reignite your flame and find new deeper meaning for yourself.

So, consider this a clarion call, a call for you to March to Greatness! It’s a double-edged sword! As you conquer the mountains in your life, you are helping others in need to climb higher and conquer the mountains in their own lives! Because 20% of every hiker’s fee will go to SlumCode so that these talented kids will have a chance to live fully and Slumcode can keep building worthy educational labs to equip these kids with the proper tools and technology.

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