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Pearl West Group Disrupts Amazon Market Through Mergers and Acquisitions



When many people think of Amazon Sellers, they may often picture large retail companies that may have built a reputation after years of brick-and-mortar sales or think of family-owned companies that have built a brand and advertise on their Amazon storefront. However, with the proliferation of eCommerce, brands and the Amazon framework has continued to become diverse. 

Mergers and Acquisition companies have also now become a part of the mix. Mergers and Acquisitions of Amazon brands have become a lucrative business and a way to scale a company in a shorter period of time than previously possible. Jason Kwan, Chairman, and President of the Pearl West Group highlights how the company plans to disrupt the Amazon Marketplace through mergers and acquisitions.

Disruption Through Mergers and Acquisitions

M&A has long been a part of the strategies of a large business as they seek to purchase brands and companies that align with the company’s long-term goals. Kwan and his team at the Pearl West Group have now interestingly applied this concept.

“We formed Pearl West Group as a strategic acquirer of brands that are selling on Amazon. We chose Amazon businesses because Amazon’s marketplace is increasing organically every year, with more and more adoption of eCommerce and Amazon as the leading e-commerce platform. We also felt these types of businesses align with our previous experience and expertise.”

Kwan highlights that the team has had many years of experience helping brands grow by helping and taking advantage of different online channels, and so this new venture was the perfect fit. 

Competitive Advantage

Any company that aims to disrupt must have a unique selling point or a competitive advantage that puts them ahead of the competition. For the Pearl West Group, this is their experience and know-how. “Our competitive advantage is that we started as owner-operators of these types of businesses.”

While new competition has been generating attention, Kwan says their 3 years of experience and understanding of the challenges in the Amazon space has been their secret weapon. “We know exactly what a third-party Amazon seller is going through because we’ve been through the same journey. We made a bunch of mistakes, learned from them, and have the scars to show it. We felt the same frustrations that every Amazon seller goes through, from account suspensions to black hat listing attacks, and understanding all the nuances with troubleshooting problems.”

Kwan and his team have launched many products from their brands which have done exceptionally well. “We relate to other sellers in a direct and meaningful way because we’re just like them. We understand the game. We have a strong track record to prove it.”

Taking good brands and making them better

Unless an acquisition aims to eliminate the competition, most companies aim to take a good brand and make it better. The Pearl West Group has devised strategies and processes to do just that. “When we acquire a brand, there are checklists that we run it through to optimize the brand even further. We look at everything from optimizing the supply chain, improving PPC performance, new facelifts for the product, keyword ranking, international presence, branding, optimizing the listing quality, and much more.”

Like any good M&A company, some strategies must remain covert to take over and disrupt the marketplace. Kwan calls it the company’s secret playbook that they have built up over time.   

The Pearl West Group’s long-term vision is to build a global digitally native consumer brands corporation. “We want to be 1 of the top 10 sellers on Amazon, have great brand exposure through other DTC channels.”

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