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Performance Coach Jordan Montgomery Shares How To Manage Top-Performing Teams

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Teams are the heart of any successful business venture.  Leading business organizations and entrepreneurs lean into this idea and pour their time, energy, and resources into building a winning team and a positive, thriving culture.  

This notion drives the work that Jordan Montgomery and the Montgomery Companies Team do each day.  Jordan is an expert in managing high-performing teams, and he understands the significance of maintaining a winning culture in an organization.  His work focuses on using his own experience in leadership to help coach leaders and executives build their own thriving practices.  He challenges clients to take their performance and the performance of their team to the next level. 

Having A Growth Mindset

As a former business leader in a Fortune 100 company, Jordan has vast experience in managing top-performing teams. When he was with] guided his team to become one of the fastest-growing and most successful sales teams in company history. 

Jordan pointed out that as a business leader, it is essential to have a growth mindset. “You can have comfort or growth, but you cannot have both,” he noted. 

Jordan explained that if managers focus on a goal, they may reach their goal, but it is not an assurance that they will experience growth. “As John Maxwell said, if you focus on growth, you will grow and, at the same time, you will reach your goals,” he added. Whenever Jordan talks with advisers, salespeople, athletes, and entrepreneurs, he constantly urges them to adopt a growth mindset.

Jordan recalled that there was one instance that he had to explain the significance of a growth mindset to a young financial advisor. “We were talking about increasing his goals. The young financial advisor proudly told me that he accomplished every goal that he ever set out to hit. He proudly said that he never missed a goal because the financial advisor makes it a point that his goals are attainable,” he recalled. Jordan responded to him, saying, “Too bad that you did not think bigger.” “If you focused on growth rather than goals, you would never fail because you either achieve or learn from it. That is something the young financial advisor is missing – the opportunity to learn. Experience remains the best way to expand your knowledge,” he added.

Likewise, Jordan believed that many people do not adopt the growth mindset because of fear. He continued that people do not want to look silly in the process of growing or striving to grow. “They are not willing to step into the pain of being less than excellent. If they choose growth, they will not look excellent,” he said.

Jordan shared that he posted some of the worst and most ridiculous content when he started his content creation journey on social media. It did not stop Jordan because he was committed to continuous improvement. “We do not aim to be less than excellent. It is just that we do not always get it right,,” he added.

Having The Right Environment 

Jordan emphasized that your environment plays a vital role in your mental game. “You need to have the right environment. Your environment consists of the people, places, and things that continuously surround you. As an adage said, you become the five people that you spend time with,” he said.

“If you spend time with other people who are in the arena with you, you are more likely to get support from them. They will encourage and empower you,” Jordan shared. A team must be working in an environment that allows team members to tap their full potential. Jordan urged individuals to be mindful of the people that they spend time with. He pointed out that proximity is power. “The people in closest proximity to us had tremendous influence over us,” Jordan added. Robin Sharma once said that if average performers surround you, it will become your standard, and your mindset will operate at that standard.

Jordan noted that if there are people in your proximity who are not adding positivity to your life, you need to consider reducing your proximity to those people. “We are not telling you not to hang out with them but examine their impact on your emotions, relationships, and life. You might discover that you need to redefine your social orbit,” he continued.

Why Jordan Is Your #1 Choice

Moreover, Jordan also has an impressive corporate experience and a fantastic stint as one of the youngest Managing Directors in history. As a young leader, he set records while leading one of the fastest-growing financial services offices in the country.

Jordan can impart with you the things that you need to know on how to grow your business. Most importantly, he can help you develop the courage to leap from corporate life to owning a business. Over the years, Jordan left a great business and went through many challenges and adversities to become the most dominant force in the performance coaching industry. 

Learn how to grow your business by connecting with Jordan here.

Editorial Desk Editorial team Account! Bringing you entrepreneurial stories. Flourishive views the world through the eyes of entrepreneurship—ambition, ​empathy, the ​grind. Be inspired by articles curated by Flourishive Contributors.