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Peter Lopez Jr. Launches Book Publishing Company



Growing up in the suburbs of the South Bronx in one of the areas with the worst crime rates, Peter Lopez Jr. was always reminded by his father to never forget where he came from but that he needed to get out. 

Peter’s father would say, “When you get out and grow, you can always come back and help out” which instilled in Peter a need to work hard and be kind. 

“It also taught me that you have to get up and grind every morning. My life experiences have built my work ethic, shaped my mindset, and evolved my personal culture,” he added. 

At the peak of a pandemic, Peter saw a 283% jump in publishing sales. The previous company he worked for saw more than 1 million dollars in sales every month from April to September 2020. 

“That’s why I took the leap of faith because I knew, even during a global pandemic, writers were passionate about writing and publishing their stories,” he said. 

His Legacy Work 

Back in 1989, when Peter was touring the world to engage in speaking engagements with audiences up to 35,000 people, he found fulfillment in the ability to push other people toward their dreams. 

Then, having been part of the book publishing industry for more than a decade, Peter felt the need to pivot and launch Publify Press because he’s always been passionate about building up other people and the publishing industry allows him to help more people recognize and live their dreams out of becoming authors. 

“Publify Press is my legacy work and I’m excited to help more writers become authors. I started my own publishing company because I knew I would never be able to fully own my brand until I owned my own business,” he said. 

Starting New Ventures 

Aside from launching Publify Press, Peter also created a joint venture with Cesar Pina called Ikonic Books, which is set to release Pina’s new book “Flipping Keys.” 

Pina is a real estate mogul with more than half a billion dollars in real estate investments and his new book focuses on how he flipped the script on his life and the struggles he faced on the road to success. 

“With Publify Press, Ikonic Books, and other ventures, I want to make sure that we give the power back to the author. Publishing with my company allows authors to own the four most important pieces: rights, royalties, publishing, and distribution of their work in the publishing world. That’s something our clients won’t find anywhere else in the industry, traditional or self-publishing,” Peter said

Peter Lopez, Jr. has become a renowned author since his first book “Excuses, Excuses: Which One Is Yours?” was published in 2014. You can follow him on Instagram or visit For more information about Publify Press, visit 

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