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Pink Robin Press is Integrating BAME Characters into the Book Narrative



“Mummy can you help me paint my skin white?” Those were the words of a little black 5 year old girl from London. In a society where racism and prejudice is rife there is no wonder that those words would ever leave the mouth of such a young person. Representation is key and it seems there is lack of it on our televisions, in the toy stores and sadly also in our literature. According to the CLPE reflecting Realities Report 2020, 57% of books represented white characters as the main character, 38% represented animals as the main character and 5% of books represented BAME characters as the main character. With approximately *33.5% of UK children being from a ethnic minority background.

This statistic is one that needed to be changed and that’s what the mother of that little 5 year old girl sought to change, with the formation of Pink Robin Press.

Pink Robin Press is a small independent book publishing company that produces books for newborns up till preteen age. Whilst they will publish books from all types of authors, the main focus will be on stories with books that feature BAME characters as the protagonist.

The first release from pink Robin Press is titled Perfectly Perfect Me which pays homage to all the little girls who faced self-doubt, based on false ideologies of what has been portrayed as the sole standard of beauty . In the book Jenny wishes to be fairer, have blue eyes and long straight hair, but after receiving some encouraging words from her grandmother she quickly realises just how perfectly perfect she is. This comforting and heartfelt story encourages all children to see that they are beautiful just the way they are.

Pink Robin Press aims to produce the highest quality and most entertaining books for young readers, that help empower, educate and inspire, but most importantly, to encourage children to have fun whilst reading.

With combined qualifications of postgraduate law, Ba digital media production and Ba Fashion Promotion, and motherhood the CEO’s of the company hope the skills picked up will help them bridge the gap amongst representation as inclusion is important to the next generation of scholars.
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Pink Robin Press is a small independent book publishing company that produces books for newborns up till preteen age. Whilst we will publish books from all types of authors, we aim to focus on stories from predominantly BAME authors. Pink Robin Press was established in July 2020. Our business is based in London.

The owners of the company  have combined qualification of postgraduate law, BA digital media production and BA Fashion Promotion. Due to lack of representation in books, we wrote a children’s book, with the main premise of uplifting young black girls. After producing our first book, we wanted to help others bring their stories to life too, but also decided to help give a voice to the voiceless.

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