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PodSwipe Announces New Platform To Connect Podcasters With Advertisers and Guests



PodSwipe has just announced a new online platform to help connect podcast hosts with top advertisers and guests. PodSwipe is a mobile application and web-based software that connects podcasters to advertisers and guests. The podcast advertising market is expected to surpass $1 billion in the US alone by next year but too often the podcast hosts themselves are left behind. We had the chance to speak with the founder, Casey Adams, about PodSwipe and how they plan to disrupt the podcasting industry.

Behind PodSwipe’s Mission To Disrupt Podcasting

Casey Adams is the host of the Rise of The Young Podcast and he has built a large portion of his career on the power of the podcast. Casey was diagnosed with interspinous ligament damage when he was 15 years old after a football injury. After recovering from his injury, he began looking at social media as a tool to build his business, and he put a lot of focus on building a personal brand. Casey has become one of the most connected twenty-year-olds in the world and this has all happened because of his podcast.

In 2017, Casey launched his podcast, Rise of The Young, and has spent three years traveling all over the United States interviewing high-level CEOs and executives. Throughout his journey, he has learned a lot about the podcast industry and that is what led him to PodSwipe: a mobile application and web software that connects podcasters with advertisers and guests. 

Casey has spent the past three years interviewing the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and executives on his podcast, Rise of The Young. Some of his past guests include the broadcasting legend, Larry King, the owner of the NBA’s Houston Rockets, Tilman Fertitta, iconic record executive, Rick Ross, legendary author, Robert Greene, former FBI hostage negotiator, Chris Voss, the incredible Maye Musk, and many more.

After Casey interviewed over 250+ high-level CEOs and executives for his podcast, he began to notice that many podcasters had the same problems that he had. It is a very difficult process to connect with podcast advertisers and guests, and there is no marketplace to do so. Casey wanted to solve this critical problem in the podcast industry and created PodSwipe. This platform is coming out soon via web base and IOS/Android and is already in high demand.

Why PodSwipe And Why Now?

Casey Adams: I’m excited about PodSwipe because it’s solving a major problem that many podcasters have, and PodSwipe is here to change that. Search through businesses. Search through guests. Connect with podcast advertisers & book guests on your show. Our team at PodSwipe is excited to help podcasters all over the world, and this is just the beginning. 

No easy way exists to connect with podcast advertisers and guests in a simple, effective way. Throughout the past three years, Casey has spent hundreds of hours sending direct messages on Instagram, following up on email, and finding unique ways to get affluent individuals on his podcast. After building relationships with many high-level podcasters, Casey has learned that many podcasters have the same problems as him. There is not a marketplace for podcasters to connect with both advertisers and guests, and PodSwipe is here to change that. 

What does DISRUPT mean to you?

Casey Adams: When I think about the word “Disrupt” in a business setting it means; to change an industry forever by changing consumer behavior. I’m super excited about PodSwipe because the technology will disrupt the podcast industry and solve a critical problem that many podcasters face. 

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