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Powered by YouTuber and Guru Hussein ‘Kazzy’ Khazaal, Dreamwell Marketing Aims to Solve the Influencer Marketing Headache



In today’s landscape of digital marketing, companies are being forced to take their marketing dollars onto the internet. Gone are the days where most of a company’s marketing budgets are spent on newspapers or large billboards, and instead brands are opting into digital advertising, such as on Facebook ads or Google Adwords.

Yet one marketing strategy still puzzles almost everyone: influencer marketing.

“Influencer advertising is still the wild west when it comes to marketing”, says YouTuber and marketer Kazzy Official, who boasts 1 million followers (YouTube and Instagram) himself.

This type of marketing is so volatile that working with one influencer with 5 million followers can yield completely different results than working with another one with the same follower base of 5 million. There are so many different factors and variables that influence the outcome of a successful campaign that they must all be considered when selecting the right influencer for the job.

Many brands and companies simply throw budgets at influencers and pray for a successful campaign. Unlike Facebook ads and Google adwords, there isn’t a distinct and proper dashboard to view results of influencer campaigns. This has led to many brands being turned off by influencer marketing initiatives since many do not yield an ROI.

Influencer Marketing Must Do it All for Companies

“Unlike the old marketing world, influencer marketing requires the influencer to: create the content piece, promote the content piece, and yield results and sales for the brand”, says Kazzy.

However, in the past, these 3 outcomes were shared by 3 different agencies: ad agencies to create the content piece; media channels like TV or radio to promote the created content piece; the brand itself needing to optimize their websites or telephone lines for inbound sales. Yet, influencers are expected to do all of these things themselves these days.

It makes it even more difficult to create successful influencer marketing campaigns when it’s hard to track results of such initiatives.

Influencer Marketing Must be Tracked

Just like any other marketing efforts, influencer marketing must be tracked and analyzed in order to know whether or not the campaigns are successful. Easier said than done, however.

What does one track? Do you simply look at how many impressions the sponsored post (the content piece that the brand pays the influencer for) yields at the end of the day? Looking at views may mean that the post increased brand awareness, yet companies don’t seem to care for brand awareness when working with influencers; they simply want measurable results, like sales conversions.

What if a brand measures the success of an influencer campaign after two weeks? This makes it unfair to the influencer if their YouTube video somehow blows up in the fifth week and drives enormous sales for the brand. Measuring ROI can be tricky in the influencer world since views and impressions keep increasing on sponsored posts over time.

Dreamwell Marketing Aims to Solve this Problem

Kazzy parlayed his YouTube and content career into starting Dreamwell Marketing, an agency that aims to track measurable results in the influencer space.

With tons of experience as a YouTuber himself, Kazzy knows the intricacies of the content world and how to create higher engagement and quality content pieces. Having also managed large YouTubers such as Moe Sargi (3 million+ followers), Kazzy also knows how to measure results for brands when it comes to influencer marketing.

Dreamwell is fine-tuning its marketing software which will analyze sponsored influencer content in order to track and measure real results. Influencer marketing should be exciting and dynamic for brands, not painful and stressful!

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