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Pro photographer AbuShakra Muhamad is sure to bewitch you in every way possible:



In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a lot of us often miss out on things that actually matter. Now you may say how can anything matter more than the work I have to do, the goals I have to complete before going to sleep tonight. It is not true that they are not important. However, living such a materialistic corporate life gradually robs our ability to focus on more beautiful alternatives to spend our time. 

In such a scenario there are a select few who can merge their work which something that would refresh the eyes and the mind. One such person is AbuShakra Muhamad, who works as a professional photographer. For AbuShakra, his home is not in any one country or region. Instead, he proclaims himself to be a man of this world, the Earth his guide and muse. Anywhere and everywhere there is beauty, AbuShakra Muhamad finds himself drawn towards it. 

In his photography, AbuShakra is always on the lookout for a different point of view, something which the world hasn’t seen yet. He realises his eyes’ ability to perceive things differently makes him stand out and considers it his duty to share such a perspective with the rest of the world. This is why AbuShakra often finds himself straying away from traditional forms of photography and towards new styles such as aerial/drone photography. For his dedication and hard work, AbuShakra has definitely been rewarded. The young photographer has been awarded “Drone Video of the Week” Winner, and “Drone Video of the Month” Winner as well, both on several occasions, by Airvūz, one of the biggest drone photography enthusiasts and media companies in the photography industry. His most widely acclaimed collection to date has been “Alps: 2018” and AbuShakra is always on the lookout for new spots in the Bavarian landscape. 

Over the years AbuShakra has found himself travelling to several corners of the world and capturing them through the lens of his camera. According to AbuShakra, photography is an art that allows you to lend the beauty that your eyes see to the eyes of the camera. Through his job, AbuShakra has been able to incorporate his other hobbies of hiking, trekking, camping and generally being outdoors in his everyday life as well. It can be said that he is truly living his dream. 

AbuShakra is active on social media especially the photograph sharing platform Instagram. There he has two accounts one which is his private account and the other for his travelling company. Yes, you heard that right. After many years of being a photographer, AbuShakra Muhamad has finally stepped into the field of entrepreneurship and has started up his own travel agency by the name of AbuShakra Travels. Since the founder himself has gone to these places several times and more importantly, knows exactly which spots have the best view, going on a trip with AbuShakra Travels is nothing short of a magical journey right from start to finish. 

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