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Realtor Clifton Parker Shows Why Virginia Is Ranked #1 in Business for Two Years in a Row

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Clifton Parker is a realtor licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia and an NC Broker based in Hanover County, Virginia – specializing in central Virginia and waterfront homes in both Virginia and North Carolina. In addition, Cliffton is a certified professional engineer with experience building homes, developing subdivisions, and completing property due diligence and contract negotiations. He is also a Master Mason with Washington and Henry Lodge No.344 in Mechanicsville. 

Clifton has a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Old Dominion University and two master’s degrees. He worked for the government as an environmental regulator for four years, a contractor for eight years, and a publicly-traded firm for seventeen years. Clifton has finalized multi-million dollar deals for the past fifteen years, but he prefers working one-on-one with his customers and being self-employed with EXP Realty. He is completely dedicated to real estate, working full-time on his real estate YouTube channel, and providing valuable information to his clients.

He is a dedicated realtor passionate about helping his clients with high regard for their personal interests. He works with proficiency and undeniable professionalism to ensure that each home is adequately promoted to obtain the greatest potential price.

His wife, Shannon, is also a realtor. Together, Clifton and Shannon are Atlee Community Church members; and they enjoy spending time with their rescue dog “Scooby” by doing offshore fishing and kayaking on Virginia’s many waterways. With his personal experiences and interests in kayaking and boat fishing, Clifton can effectively help clients seeking a wonderful waterfront property. 

“Virginia has been ranked number one in business in the US two years in a row.  Hanover and Henrico Counties have low taxes, great jobs, and traffic is light.  There are tons of things to do around central Virginia – with easy access within 2 hours – Wintergreen Ski Resort, Virginia Beach, and Washington DC,” said Clifton. 

Virginia is ideal for folks who have spent their entire lives eating at different restaurants. He emphasizes that in the central Virginia area, clients will never run out of places to eat. He also said, “Hanover tomatoes are the best! And all locals know that Ashland, Virginia is the center of the universe and a great place to see the trains come through town. Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens are short drives away. Virginia’s tourism industry is robust! In addition, 75% of worldwide internet traffic cycles through Virginia – so you’ll find easy access to high-speed internet.” 

In the span of Clifton’s job as a realtor, he has encountered and dealt with a vast array of clients. “My clients know they can count on me! I’ve helped them pack, paint, and let them use my trailer to take junk away” Clifton goes above and beyond to treat his clients in the way he wants to be treated, with no surprises and as little drama as possible. He establishes a clear strategy and sticks to it. His clients’ experiences clearly show that they appreciate his referrals to excellent service providers when they require assistance.

As an experienced realtor, Clifton also provides effective advice to clients that are in the process of seeking a forever home. “Buyers need a rock-solid plan and mortgage financing approvals. Not just pre-qualified – you need to be underwritten and ready to go before making an offer to compete against the many cash offers. If you are a seller – despite the fast sales – careful planning and preparation are critical to getting the most for your home.” His exceeding professionalism ensures his clients’ welfare in assisting them; these qualities make him one of the best realtors there is.

When asked about the current state of the market and what the perfect time would be for buyers to invest in real estate, he answered, “The real estate market is robust with homes typically selling within days of being on the market. That means sellers need to prepare carefully, and buyers need to be very focused on what they want.” 

He secures his clients’ personal interests and ensures they get their preferences heard and granted to acquire a new house. He helps them focus on their innate interests and continues to assist them by finding a house that matches what they have envisioned. 

Need Clifton Parker’s expertise in real estate? Contact him at his email clifton.parker@exprealty.com or call him at (804) 3100398.

Editorial Desk Editorial team Account! Bringing you entrepreneurial stories. Flourishive views the world through the eyes of entrepreneurship—ambition, ​empathy, the ​grind. Be inspired by articles curated by Flourishive Contributors.