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Realtor Meher Ayesha: Sympathy and Positivity in the Field of Real Estate



Meher Ayesha is a realtor based in Windsor and Golden Horseshoe area. She is a realtor by passion and an optimist by heart that helps her clients take good care of their future. Moreover, she is committed to financial literacy and provides her customers with the resources they need to achieve their long-term wealth goals. Meher Ayesha and her personality, paired with her expertise in real estate, is something that a client would look for in a realtor.

She is currently living with her amazingly supportive husband and two equally supportive children. She also has an engineering degree in Computer Science, M.B.A in Information Systems, and PMP certified under Project Management Institute. Along with her passion for real estate, her hobbies are also part of the things that she loves. These hobbies include reading, travel, and restaurant hopping. She’s a fun-loving individual who binds happiness to her work, creating a positive atmosphere for her clients.

As an experienced realtor, Meher has encountered many different clients. But due to where she is based, most of her clients are GTA people investing in Windsor. Because of this, clients who are interested in settling in the area can assure that Meher Ayesha knows her way around and possesses high-level knowledge about the place. Meher also believes that the market’s inventory is significantly more active than it was previously. As a result, buyers will not be involved in a bidding war and will receive at least 150 percent cash flow.

Being a realtor who has known the place well, Meher knows that after COVID, Ontario will open its borders to immigrants, with Windsor being the cheapest city. She believes that it’s a foregone conclusion that people will want to relocate to the area, and considering that most of them work from home, it’s the most convenient option that any client can take. Want to know more? Check out this video now!

“That makes acquiring real estate here, is going to serve you in the long-term investment plan and to flip. Home prices have increased by 30% (July 2020-2021), which makes a good time to sell.” Meher elaborated.  Being a realtor who keeps positivity embedded in her work, Meher’s guidance as a realtor shouldn’t be overlooked by clients. Especially during rough times like this one, realtors with a genuine passion for helping their clients is a rarity. But luckily for her clients, Meher Ayesha is open arms in aiding people trying to acquire their dream homes and future endeavors.

“Do you require Meher Ayesha’s real estate expertise? You can reach her by email at or by phone at (647) 8065444. Also, watch this video about buying real estate at Windsor to get more tips.”

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