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Reeva and Gaurika: Taking Instagram and others social media by storm as kid influencers.



When people talk about how social media platforms have progressed over the years and have now become a part of the daily lives of people, they also throw light on how ordinary people have turned into well-known influencers on the medium. It is also essential to discuss more of these success stories today for motivating many others in the world that anything and everything can be achieved and that age is only a number. So far, we must’ve seen and enjoyed the content of several young social media influencers, but how many of the times have we heard about kid influencers who are hardly above five years and still have gone ahead in earning a loyal base of fans and followers on social media? The best examples we could find today were of Reeva and Gaurika.

Both of these cuties are a bunch of talents and one cannot take their eyes off from them in their videos; such is the conviction with which they create content, making sure to spread more smiles among people and entertain people with their adorable videos. Both these charmers have achieved celebrity status, thanks to their consistent efforts and natural talents displayed in their videos. Their endearing presence and sweet smiles can make people’s day beautiful and that’s another reason why they are an absolute hit on social media.

With their zesty and vibrant attitude, Reeva and Gaurika have successfully made a special place for themselves in people’s hearts and with earning many followers on Instagram, they keep earning many admirers as well, who wait for their videos to get dropped on the medium and crave for more content from them.

Reeva, a 5-year-old and Gaurika, a 4-year-old, are siblings who are true stunners and make sure to make people fall in love with what they create. Their sought-after videos have become a rage on social media and is something no other kid their age have been able to achieve such momentum.

As social media influencers, Reeva and Gaurika are truly ruling the medium, with all their videos gone viral, and also totally deserve the success they have gained, considering their innate talents and enthusiasm.

It is amazing to know that Reeva and Gaurika have already attained celebrity status, where people easily recognize them in real life and, of course, on social media pages. They make exceptional videos, which instantly go viral. Their videos are always praised and appreciated because of how well both these girls entertain audiences.

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