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Refusing to Quit on Your Dream with Entrepreneur Leonardo Verona



It was at the beginning of 2019 when Leonardo Verona was on the verge of giving up on his dreams. Up to his eyeballs in debt and two months behind on paying his bills and rent, the creative entrepreneur’s business was at the point of disaster. But following an inspirational Tony Robbins event in June 2019, the 21-year-old persevered and he got his deserved rewards.

Since the change of fortune for his company, MarketerZeta, he has never looked back. Solid habits, determination and consistency have all played an integral role in his journey so far. Leonardo usually starts his day with a very healthy breakfast, such as whole-grains and green tea, but after that it is non-stop with a laser focus on work.

He has become accustomed to 12 to 15 hours a day on the job before heading to bed to recharge his batteries for the following day. Leonardo, whose role model is Elon Musk, wants his community to become the ‘Amazon’ of the network marketing online communities. Furthermore, in 5 to 10 years he hopes to establish other start-ups.

Although he has endured major setbacks in his life, the reason why he has achieved success is crystal clear. When asked to describe any of his unique characteristics, he said: “I think my most unique characteristic is perseverance.

“I’ve always possessed perseverance, both in sports and in school, and that’s the key of my whole results.”

MarketerZeta has the unique characteristic of offering free training for those who want to become a successful online entrepreneur. But the ethos that Leonardo has built separates the company from the competition. MarketerZeta trains and offers education about business online for free because it will work with you just ‘like shareholders’ so it really is interested in your results.

It truly believes that your results are our results and it does not need to sell you ‘how to do things’ as it teaches you for free. Currently, 90% of the business is located in Italy. However, it is aiming to cover up all of Europe within 2 years – especially in the UK, where it is established in Manchester, Wolverhampton and London. But not only is Leonardo focused on his own journey, he also hopes to help and inspire others.

And he has powerful advice for young entrepreneurs or anybody who wants to emerge in the industry. He said: “Just focus on your skills – your richness is your mind, not your assets.

“First learn everything you can from the best of your sector, then work like hell to become a real expert, then reap the rewards of your labor.”

It is his desire to help others which keeps him motivated each day. The one thing that keeps Leonardo extremely motivated is thinking of helping other normal guys reach their real goals and dreams. In addition, he also wants to ensure that his parents can retire from work with a good pension.

Meanwhile, he firmly believes that nobody should renounce what they really want to do in life. There are three main factors that have led him to where he is right now. They are his high level of perseverance, following the right mentors at the right time and believing in himself more than the earth is round. Leonardo came very close to quitting on his dreams but he preserved and refused to let the tough times determine his journey.

He has gone onto achieve huge levels of success – and you can do the same, as long as you stay determined and focused on your goals, even during the difficult times.

To keep up with Leonardo’s journey, here his main resources: @leonardo_verona21
Official website:

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