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Relationship Expert Babita Spinelli Uses Personal and Professional Experiences To Deeply Connect



Tapping into her own experiences, therapist Babita Spinelli, LP JD draws from her journey to deeply connect with her clients who face similar challenges.

“I can deeply connect and empathize with my clients,” Spinelli said. “The tools I developed in my own process such as resilience, empowerment and self-compassion has made me a stronger relationship coach and psychotherapist.”

She relies upon these three building blocks – resilience, empowerment and recognizing unhealthy patterns – as the foundation for many of her clients to help guide them in their life goals. “We repeat what we don’t repair,” Spinelli said.

Spinelli started her career as an attorney, Big 4 consultant and Wall Street executive. It was during her time in the corporate world that she began to recognize the importance of everyday relationships in daily interactions. When she shifted into her role as a psychotherapist and relationship coach, she wanted to better understand how to take this knowledge and incorporate it into a clinical approach.

“It’s so important to build these connections across business lines, either with stakeholders or directly with clients. It’s a critical component of what helped my career be successful and can help others have successful relationships.”

Her eventual divorce and other relational experiences shaped Spinelli’s path and help her identify with and understand others.

“I had to face my own journey around relationships which weren’t working, and recognize what was being repeated,” Spinelli said. “It required properly facing it, processing it and taking action in order to move forward.”

“We have to look back in order to move forward,” she added.

She encourages her clients to make changes that will be enduring and long-lasting instead of a quick fix approach, taking each step one day at a time while also remembering how they got there.

Her clients include individuals, couples and organizations where she tackles any relationship issue, addresses workplace dynamics and consults on mental health in the workplace.

“I specialize in any kind of relationship, whether it’s a husband and wife, parent and child, a workplace relationship, relationships between friends,” said Spinelli. “We’re already connecting with one another constantly so it’s giving people the tools to better forge these relationships. I’ve learned that when we are paying attention to our relationships, we are more fulfilled in life.”
Spinelli has offices in New York, New Jersey and Florida but her practice is global and she sees her clients virtually.

“Technology has allowed my business and practice to reach more people and allowed for me to do the kind of transformational work for my clients all over the world,” Spinelli said. “I can provide resources for clients without them having to leave their homes or offices.”  “The pandemic has also elevated the importance of taking care of one’s mental health or encouraged a focus on life coaching.”

A study from JAMA released in September found that the rate of depression is three times higher now during the pandemic than before. The number of people seeing therapists has increased in the past year, with many professionals around the world requiring waiting lists to see clients even through virtual means.

Spinelli reminds couples that now is an ideal time to foster relationships and stay in a positive place. “Right now, it’s far too easy to get stuck as a couple, to focus more on technology than each other,” she said. “But it’s really the best opportunity to give each relationship the focused attention it needs through professional guidance.”

You can follow Babita Spinelli Therapy on Instagram here.

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