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Ronald learned discipline from his engagement in Tennis and Karate



Ronald Hohmann loves to be active at all times. To him, it’s either playing tennis, training, hanging out, attending to his assignment, or watching football and hockey on TV. Ronald’s journey to stardom is one of those inspiring stories to motivate anyone who aims to do something great in life. He posts inspirational content on his Instagram and Facebook page to inspire people. Ronald is gaining the momentum he needs in his career. Thanks to continuous training.

Ronald grew to be a disciplined individual through a series of training, where he learned to let go of his bad temper. He understands that to become a professional tennis player, he must control his life, including his behavior. Being immature in college was one of the challenges Ronald faced growing up. 

Ronald was resilient and wouldn’t give up on his dream to get to the top. His love for tennis kept inspiring him to do more. Ronald’s supportive family was behind him 100 percent to keep him marching forward. As a hardworking individual, Ronald would attend to his work based on his set schedule. This shows how committed he is to ensure he excels in every aspect of his life. 

Ronald is selfless as he would like to support anyone with the right answer to the best of his knowledge. This is how he gives back to society. He is a staunch believer that hard work and commitment pay if you stick your mind to the course. Ronald would tell a hopeless person not to give up. He believes everything has to do with timing. Achieving something great does not require someone to lose hope.

Ronald is an advocate of positivity. He would only send a positive message to people to enrich their lives. He believes hard times are bound to come to people in life. However, by taking the positives, overcoming all challenges won’t be difficult. Ronald’s determination was stronger than pessimist views about his performance. He uses it as a motivating factor to do more. 

Today, Ronald has become a professionally ranked tennis player currently playing for the tigers at Louisiana State University. It wasn’t a comfortable journey, but his determination was the key to his achievement so far. He remained resilient against all odds, and he shows that nothing can stop them from achieving their goals when someone is focused on life. He has a goal in mind to play professional tennis after graduating from college. 

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