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Sakeem Khan Knows His Way Around Entrepreneurship, An Established Expert



Do you think you are following the right path to success or are you still experiencing different things and experimenting different future prospects? Experiments are fine until and unless you are too old to do so and do not have a particular vision in your mind, one must have all these qualities if they have to become successful.

Sakeem Khan is one such Entrepreneur who knows what his skills are and plays honestly at life, pulling strings he knows he’ll get positive results from. He realises the true meaning of diligence and hard work, without which he would not have been able to reach so far out in life. It is extremely difficult for people to achieve their goals because they are not future oriented and they do not think much about their talents, Mr. Khan has a perfect view from the best angle in life. This has helped him greatly to become a successful entrepreneur.

He contributes to three places at once. Sakeem Khan is the owner of not only a petrol pump but also a stone crusher company. He takes care of all the management and details in both his businesses because he has quite the experience in life and also with enterprises, communication is the key and to communicate the problems along with solutions is more than helpful. He happens to be the managing director of Cooperative bank too, a stressful enough job in itself. Since he is passionate about his work, he does not feel enough stress from all these daily activities but is more than happy to poor form his assigned tasks.

There is one very interesting fact about Sakeem Khan, the mentions of which must be made. He has a very rich political background and the history has been a living proof that he is sure to have a lot of those inherited skills.

  1. Grandfather: has been a Sarpanch for almost 3 decades. Besides this, he has been responsible for various other departments of Haryana, taking decisions for them on a daily basis previously. Three decades is a very long time and it has given him enough experience to know life better than anybody else.
  2. Rahisa Khan: The father. Sakeem Khan’s father was not just an MLA (2014-2019) and Minister (2017-2019) of Haryana but also used to be the chairman of Waqf Board of Haryana.
  3. An uncle who actively contributed to the ministry of Haryana Government.

Sakeem Khan is a true Entrepreneur. He has not only inspired others to do whatever they want in life but also proved that he can be successful in any field provided the knowledge and talents.

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