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Sarah Bowmar: Here’s the Key to Hacking Your Metabolism



Have you ever felt like your metabolism is messed up? Like it’s either working too hard or not working at all. Well, you are not alone. Most people, especially those who suffer from weight issues often think that they have a malfunctioning metabolism. And it’s not hard to understand why, given all the vague information that has been taught to us about it growing up.

But is this really true? Are there really people who are predisposed to being fat all their lives because of their poor metabolism? 

According to leading fitness expert and certified nutritionist, Sarah Bowmar, the chances of having a slow metabolism is EXTREMELY RARE. In essence, people convert food into energy at the same rate. And while there are disparities (which are mostly influenced by lifestyle factors), these differences are very small, and–when you remove all the external factors–are more or less still the same. This is the reason why Sarah believes that a slow metabolism should not be blamed for the rising obesity and overweight pandemic.

That said, how then do you boost your metabolism? How do you make it work for you so that it helps you reach your body goals easier?

Sarah explains, “How do we increase metabolism? Here are some steps: First, hit your protein macros for the day. If you are falling short from your whole food options, utilizing protein powders or protein bars is a great way to fill the gaps. Second, increase NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis a.k.a. the energy that is required to move your body and get it to perform daily tasks) and EAT (Exercise Activity Thermogenesis, a.k.a. the energy you burn during exercise).“

She adds, “If you can increase your steps from 3,000 a day to 7,000, you have essentially doubled your NEAT calories. Increasing your number of lifting sessions per week will increase EAT. But this does not mean spending hours in the gym, nor does it mean skipping rest days. It simply means staying as active as you possibly can, regularly.”

Sarah is a certified nutrition specialist, personal trainer, and prenatal and postpartum trainer, who has helped countless individuals–some famous personalities included–achieve their dream bodies through the combination of proper, sustainable nutrition and exercise. She also hosts her own podcast with her husband, is a published author, and the CEO of two famous nutrition brands, Bowmar Nutrition and Apex Protein. She has also appeared on various television shows and has served as a subject matter expert for popular publications like Pop Sugar, MSN, and Eat This Not That, among many others.

To read more about her explanation as to how metabolism works, you may visit Sarah’s blog post here. You may also follow her on Instagram to stay up to date about her latest projects and activities.

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