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Sasha Karabut & Fletcher Ladd – Conquering the eCommerce industry with Ecom Capital



Ecom Capital has been achieving extraordinary success with the combination of skills and winning mentality of both the founders.

The duo Sasha Karabut and Fletcher Ladd made an evolutional impact in the e-commerce industry by building their biggest life project Ecom Capital. The international company is unique and is on a mission to support people from all walks of life from aspiring entrepreneurs to investors, with starting and growing successful e-commerce stores within 90 days.

But what is the story behind the dynamic duo team?

From a tough and experienced young lifetime, Sasha changed his lifestyle from a homeless young guy to a successful entrepreneur with high-level skills in mentoring and coaching businesses that aided in bringing this venture to the next level. It’s no wonder his first business turned into a 7 figure venture within 18 months.

Fletcher has always loved engineering products and marketing strategies for e-commerce customers, not just to generate profit from the stores, but also to see the influence he could make on people’s lives.

The “Market Fit” was the decisive choice for Sasha to enter the market, within the perfect timing and economic conditions.

Ecom Capital is a full-service, global leading e-commerce company, helping people to start a successful e-commerce store within 90 days. In addition, they also support investors to add profitable stores to their portfolio.

With the commitment for each other and on growing workflow, they form the perfect duo and have been able to grow Ecom Capital from a

two-man startup to a team of more than a hundred from in-house to offshore and top talents who have worked on projects the likes of Walmart, Amazon, eBay, Nike, Apple & Shopify.

The vision is to be the best in the market at what they do. The model which the duo created allows a learning and support period which covers the critical steps in such detail, that the client has all the tools as well as the support required to succeed.

Success isn’t always easy and is often a result of overcoming adversity.

Fletcher’s biggest challenge in starting a business is sales. He says many people don’t put enough emphasis on selling their product or converting leads, and leads and sales are the effects of marketing and marketing is the effect of a hypothesis of market research.

People need to conduct better market research and test hundreds of marketing ideas and convert leads. They must hire smart people to help them at every stage of growth in the company. On the other side, Sasha says breaking through is the biggest challenge, creating a product or service that can “crack”; the market and get a response that is an “Aha” or “Tipping Point” moment.

Both belief, in working on these mentioned challenges can help people to achieve great success in the eCommerce industry. Sasha likes to quote Johnny Whimbry who said – “Someones gonna win today, it might as well be me”

To know more about Ecom Capital and its robust services, visit the website, and follow them on Instagram

@sasha_karabut & @fletcherladd.

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