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Seeing the World Through a Different Perspective Inspired Bolli Blas to Create Art from these Experiences



Seeing the World Through a Different Perspective Inspired Bolli Blas’ to Create Art from these Experiences 

Bolli Blas, the creator of bollis or the wide-eyed character found in paintings, had a major turning point in her life and art career that ultimately changed her perception of life. 

As she was backpacking through some of the poorest countries of Central America, Africa, and Asia. She met a lot of amazing people from different backgrounds who welcomed and shared with her the little they had. 

The artist later found these experiences to be a source of inspiration for her paintings that feature these bright-eyed characters who each have their story to tell. 

Bringing Her Art to Small Towns 

Despite already being known for her colorful artworks, Bolli wants to continue exhibiting her art in new places such as smaller towns to give more people the opportunity of seeing art.

“I also believe in inspiring others to create. Art is amazing for mental wellbeing and it doesn’t require any prior knowledge or degree – the best pieces come straight from the heart and there are no rules in art,” she said. “I would love to bring more art to people who don’t get a chance to create, we are all very lucky to have access to all the materials in the western world.  I remotely support some orphanages and I’m hoping I can visit them to connect with children soon.” 

Throughout her career, Bolli has always found comfort when she’s surrounded by inspiring people, ones you can be yourself around, who have a positive attitude and ready to offer emotional support and encouragement.

Believe in Yourself As You Work Your Way to Success 

When it comes to chasing dreams, Bolli says that the first course of action is to just go for it and be prepared for whatever may come your way. 

“That normally means getting out of your comfort zone which is scary but nothing will change if you don’t start working on your dreams. Success won’t just come knocking on your door. It’s good to have a plan but also be prepared to change it as the journey develops,” she said. 

She added that nobody becomes successful overnight but it’s easier if one finds their true vocation and commits to something they love, then work will no longer feel like work.

“As the journey progresses, there will be moments of self-doubt so you need to believe in yourself, your idea, and what you can become. Don’t try to be someone you are not and don’t be afraid to do your own thing and be different,” the artist advised. 

Giving Back to the Communities that Inspired Her 

“I want to create art that can be enjoyed by all the people, not just whom you would traditionally consider connoisseurs or experts in the field. I owe my art career to the people I met in different parts of the world as their company shaped who I am today. I believe in giving back and I want my life and art to bring happiness to the lives of others,” Bolli said. 

Even during her busiest times during exhibitions, she tries to set aside time for people who want to talk to her, create personal connections, or give the advice to follow artists. 

“It’s an extremely rewarding experience to give something back and not just focus on our own lives,” she concluded.

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