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Seth VanDaele’s Cormier Media Brings Customized Digital Solution




Seth VanDaele is the man behind Cormier Media- the one-stop-shop for all your digital needs.

The most daunting part of owning a business is to run behind different digital service providers for different services. When a business needs a photographer, the task is to chase one among the zillions of available options. Just the next hour, the business needs a blog writer now the hunt for a good writer begins. Seth VanDaele realized the need for a single platform for all the digital needs and brought the unique idea of Cormier Media into reality.

Seth’s Hardship Paid Off

Mr. VanDaele was 14 when he got his first job at a grocery store in Boissevain, Manitoba. This young boy started a plumbing apprenticeship at the age of 15. The owner who took Mr. Seth under his wings taught him life and success along with plumbing. He taught the youngster that having others work for you saves you time, and allows you to scale your business and get more done without you having to put in more work.

After graduating a term early, Seth VanDaele moved to Brandon, Manitoba, and took up a full-time job at a construction site with a concrete company. Even though his laborious job was tiresome but the energetic lad dedicated the morning’s hours to learning digital marketing to lay the foundation of his dream startup. Just the next year, he started working at a car dealership and went from hard labor to wearing a suit every day and sitting behind a desk for 8 hours. Mr. Vandaele picked up his colleagues’  tips and tricks and added his own spin to it which helped him sell out sixteen cars in just two months! During his third month at the car dealership, he left his job and went on to commence his entrepreneurial journey with his best friends Nicolas Cormier and Ben Cormier.

What Makes Cormier Media Stand Out In The Market?


The world has moved online be it a construction company, electronic store, food, fashion, friends, just anything under the sun. You name it the internet has it. In this digital era, an online presence is a boon to brands/businesses. Moreover, It’s a cherry to the icing if every digital service is available under one umbrella. Hence bringing every digital service in a single platter gives Cormier Media an edge over the market.

Seth VanDaele’s Cormier Media offers over 135 different digital services and helps small and growing businesses save their time and grow in terms of revenue and a large clientele. The company customizes the services and serves its clients what suits them the best. The Cormier journey began by helping those businesses struggling through the pandemic. Together they’ve proudly brought multiple Brick & Mortar businesses into the online e-commerce space which opened up a whole new type of revenue for them to survive through these hard times. Since then the trio never looked back. It’s been 1.5 years since Cormier Media was founded and the company has already marked its position in the digital market.


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