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Shaan Mahmood – A 17-year-old Serial Entrepreneur making it big in the industry.



In the present day, we know entrepreneurs around the globe are hustling day and night just to change ideas into problem-solving services or products. After 2019, everyone has seen youths getting involved in entrepreneurship, and in a very little time, we have got many young entrepreneurs who have helped to change the world and marketplace with their extraordinary services as well as problem-solving products.

Every day someone somewhere in the world is coming up with a great idea but not everyone successfully executes their ideas, there might be many reasons for the same. Born in Edinburgh,  Scotland on 2nd August 2003, Shaan Mahmood is an Online Advertising and Marketing Expert. Shaan Mahmood says – “Some of us are forced to create our own wealth because we have nowhere to inherit it from.”.

Apart from being an Entrepreneur and working for individuals and companies to boost their work with his Advertising and Marketing Skills, Shaan Mahmood is also involved in reselling exclusive and premium clothing globally. He at a very young age started learning about cryptocurrency and after completion of his full research and studies, he started investing in cryptocurrencies.

As a young entrepreneur from the United Kingdom, Shaan always believed that traditional education was not meant for him, so as a result he started focusing on his career and now emerged as a reputed young entrepreneur in the Advertising and Marketing Industry worldwide.

Being a Marketing and Advertising Expert, Shaan Mahmood himself has an amazing social media following, he has over 20,000 people supporting him on Instagram (a social media networking application). “My reputation and consistency are what set me apart from otherssays Shaan.

As an entrepreneur, you will run into so many challenges, problems, doubts, fears, struggles. So it’s not easy to be an entrepreneur at a young age, it takes lots of time, and the biggest thing is we need to manage our working life together with our school or college life. And having a smooth balance with the work and studies will keep you balanced in life if you’re a young entrepreneur.

Shaan Mahmood is also learning new things day by day and planning to get started with Drop Shipping and Luxury Jewelry Business. As soon as he makes expansion to his works and businesses he will gain more experience and will emerge as a more energetic and powerful entrepreneur, dominating the industry.

Thinking outside the box has made him a popular entrepreneur today, and anyone out there if has the fire Inside them to do it then, they will make it happen. Shaan says – “Grind in silence and let your results speak for themselves”.

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