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Shane Mulgrew Shares the 3 Pillars of Achieving Peak Productivity



Shane Mulgrew is a peak performance coach who works with multi-millionaires to create a fit and healthy life regime for them while scaling to 7-figures.

He follows a strict routine for having a financially, mentally, and physically stable life. He has impacted many lives through his personalized health and fitness coaching and continues to walk on the path of building a better life for people who are too busy to do it.

His principles include having laser focus, radiating positive energy, focusing on smaller things that will lead you to achieve the bigger goals of life, and maxing out your productivity so you can scale using his proven DFY (Done For You) services.

Productivity is an attribute that acts as a catalyst to make your life successful. However, various factors influence your level of concentration and Shane has revealed the 3 pillars for achieving that peak productivity that you always desire-

1. Focus Is The Key

Shane is a believer in the power of directing all the focus in one work. He opposes multi-tasking as it depletes the productivity level significantly, and also affects the quality of work that one does.

Focus is a stress buster and quality enhancer trait that is possessed by all successful people. Shane also practices this skill while preaching it to his clients. As once you condense your mind and body on one task, productivity will increase by leaps and bounds.

“A wide focus on everything could take you anywhere, but deep focus on a particular thing will take you exactly there.” – Shane Mulgrew

2. Prepare A Priority-Action To-Do List

Shane says, “Priority actions completed, is a successful day towards wealth, health and freedom. A simple To-Do list is like trying to empty the ocean with a bucket, you will always have more to do.” To-Do lists are the traditional way to maintain a schedule. Many people have yielded its benefits over the years but Shane expresses his use of the Priorities only list. This list contains a mention of priority tasks that pan out the day of an individual and their targets. As you complete each task, cross them out and you feel great about it.

How does this help? An outline of the upcoming day motivates the person to tackle each priority task with zeal and zest. As you move up through the list you feel encouraged to sustain that energy which increases your productivity and enhances the effectiveness of your work. It also sharpens your memory as you don’t have to waste time keeping track of everything, come the end of each day you know you are closer to your desired outcome.

3. Believe In The Power Of Delegating

As an entrepreneur, you are obligated to handle different components of business that can be a hefty load on your body and mind. However, you cannot be an expert in each field and when you try to juggle everything alone, the dreams of building an empire will tumble down.

As such Shane likes to emphasize the power of delegating and outsourcing the secondary tasks to experts in those areas. It gives you more time to focus on your primary goals and performthe things you enjoy. This will also enhance your productivity as your sole focus is now directed towards tasks that are relevant to your skills. Remember, don’t be a multi-tasker and try to handle everything on your own.

“Surround yourself with great people; delegate authority; get out of the way.” – Ronald Reagan

To alleviate your life quality and make it more cherishable do visit Shane’s website.

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