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Shivam Shukla: Active on a mission of inspiring and innovating Entrepreneurs.



“The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor”

The 21st-century world around is rapidly innovating and developing. Enhancement in technologies has left a great impact on every sector in the economy. Hospitality industries are one among them, which has been a great attraction center for many businessmen to invest in for better returns. Starting a company can be one of the exhilarating and interesting opportunitiesone can ever get. Still every entrepreneur needs some inspiration to work accordingly and to grow in the business. Shivam Shukla, a leading businessman in the field of Hospitality. He is working as a hotelier and he is the Director of “Cutting Edge Hotel Consultant PvtLtd”. Shivam Shukla is accompanied by his father Mr. Awadh Lal Shukla in the business. Together they started their own restaurant “Shukla’s Kitchen” in the year 2014. He has cleared “Defense Services” in 2013 but he dropped this plan to step ahead in the hospitality industry. Which resulted to be a great success. Later in 2016 his company took over a hotel named ‘Hotel Florance’ and started 2resto in it, a bar, a big banquet,and a marriage lawn. Adding on, in 2019 they became facility management service provider with PMGSY ( Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana) of the government of India.

Shivam Shukla has a mission to bring inspiration and innovation to every entrepreneur out there. Being a hotel consultant, he inspires new startups with his innovative ideas about how to establish a successful hotel.  In 2017, his company opened 2 hotels in Chhattisgarh: ‘Hotel Trinity Grand’ and “Hotel Raj Imperial’. They trained all the staff and listed the hotel in the 3star category, later handed over the hotel to the owner. Shivam Shukla has been recently covered in the city newspaper column as ‘Youth Icon of the city’. His success story is a great inspiration for an entrepreneur to never stop learning and educating oneself. In 2020, Shivam Shukla stepped into the social media platform as a blogger to promote men’s office wear, where he got a great response. His passion and dedication towards his work is the utmost way to inspire people to be their boss.

“Success to an Entrepreneur doesn’t come overnight”. Every one of them has its own stories of success. But throughout this journey, they get inspiration andmotivation from numerous sources to cope up withharder times. One can read real-time motivational stories or quotes as reading builds up the same level of energy in yourself. When a thought of quitting hits your mind, do remember why you started it. Talking to a mentor or a successful person from your field is the best possible way to inspire oneself as they help to guide about the world they are the leader of. Get creative, with time things change and the real successful person walks beside the time and innovateshis idea in accordance to the newly developing world. Inspiration and innovation make other peopleappreciate your work ethic and you can have a greater chance of success.

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