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Shyam Sidhawar Ready to Rock in 2021 With His Dancing Skills



Billions of individuals wake up every day with a fantasy to achieve something big in life. Indeed, achieving success is extremely difficult, yet few people still manage to achieve their ultimate goal with their hard work & sheer dedication.

Shyam Sidhawat, a dynamic boy started with his journey back in the year 2016 as an artist who wanted to accomplish his objectives and turn them into the real world.
Now, known as one of the prominent dancers in the Bollywood industry, Shyam Sidhawat has effectively made a special place for himself in the entertainment industry.

Bhaibandhi Tari Mari

As of now situated in Ahmedabad, Shyam Sidhawat is enjoying huge success and an incredible fan following on his social media handles due to his blockbuster Gujarati song Bhaibandhi Tari Mari where he made his debut.
The song was a bit hit and Shyam received a lot of love and appreciation from all over!

Conquering all the troubles, Shyam is currently a proud owner of Dblond team and has carved a niche all alone.

In the beginning of his profession, Shyam Sidhawat had no family support which led him to go through over 6 months dozing off on the floor of a studio. From washing his own clothes to no food to having a bath on the side of the road, Shyam Sidhawat has defeated all the troubles and is now teaching over 200 kids who want to pursue their profession in dance.

Shyam Sidhawat has a record history of winning more than 10 dance competitions alongside bagging initial spot at ‘DUDC all Gujarat dance affiliation 2017’ to various other popular dance competitions, Shyam Sidhawat has been witnessing achievement certainly.

In the year 2018, Shyam had met with a brutal mishap on his birthday which wounded him to such an extent that his right leg was seriously harmed. Because of his accident, specialists had to recommend strict bed rest for at least half a year alongside a disclaimer to switch for dancing again in his entire life.

With a dream and passion to turn into a prestigious dance artist made Shyam Sidhawat much more robust and he rather chose to pursue his profession in dancing. During this tough time, “Just Dance India” made an announcement for their show for the year 2018, which is when Shyam decides to give it a shot.

“When a person wants to achieve something, he certainly would!”
This expression has it’s truest sense in Shyam Sidhawat’s case and he figured out how to win the show with an injured leg deserting the various truly fit entertainers.

Afterward, in the year 2019, Shyam Sidhawat with his fellow companions performed Live with Badshah at the Ultimate Pop show concert. Over 33,000 individuals attended this show in the Sardar Patel Stadium, Ahmedabad. Moreover, Shyam Sidhawat was also acknowledged by Cama Awards in the year 2019 as the most promising artist of the Gujarat state.

Shyam Sidhawat’s DBlond company is likewise popular on social media platforms especially amongst youngsters and has already won a silver button from YouTube.

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