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Sikander Khan Kalal, Dubai Based Businessman Who Faces Every Challenge Bravely



Life is beautiful, but it is not always easy, it still has challenges, and the challenge is to face them with bravery, to let the beauty of life work as a balm, which makes the pain bearable by offering hope through tough times.

The two sides of the coin are pleasure, grief, triumph, loss, day and night. Likewise, life is full of moments of fun, happiness, achievement, and comfort marked by pain, loss, mistakes, and difficulties. There is no strong, powerful, wise, or wealthy human being on Earth who has not endured hardship, misery, or loss.

Difficulties test a human being’s bravery, patience, perseverance, and true character. Adversity and struggles make a person healthy and ready with equanimity to face life’s challenges. There is no denying that without suffering, there can be no money. Success is nurtured and maintained only as one toil and sweats it out.

Today we will talk about a guy who has faced difficulties to start his own firm but never lost hope and here he is; a successful owner of a transportation company in Dubai.

Sikander Khan Kalal comes from a population of minority communities and a remote town. He began by piloting a tractor. He suffered from the financial crisis at the beginning of his career, but eventually got what he wanted; a successful business of a transportation firm in Dubai.

A widespread myth, though, is that happiness depends on the number of ups and downs. Some assume that the more positive, rather than negative, moments they get, the happier they would usually be. Yet it just isn’t true here. Life is not just the same amount of ups and downs, but how easily we ride between these unavoidable ups and downs.

Sikander Khan Kalal was born in Nabha, Patiala, and raised in Barnala, Fatehgarh Channa.

He thinks success is not a destination; it’s a trip that we need to love.

He aims to approach them with calmness in most difficult circumstances, as he feels calmness is the secret to overcoming a big challenge.

He is also a wonderful human being, in addition to being a good businessman, as he plans to open a hospital where the poor can be cared for free.

He still believed in himself and in his ability, which is why he was able to set himself up on his own.

Everyone gets good stuff and bad stuff, but the people who are very happy are the ones with security and equanimity who do them. Sikander lives his ups and downs truly.

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