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Silicon Valley Time Launching Content Based Platform For Entrepreneurs



Tedx and other motivational shows often provide opportunities for people who have reached some level of success . An individual starts the story while he or she didn’t had any resources but an idea to make an impact in the world with the product or service. We as an audience enjoy the whole journey and understand their vision. By the end of the day that particular video or podcast reaches millions of people and that maximizes their sale/ revenue. 

Not only on shows, it is quite hard for an entrepreneur to share words about their product/ service on digital publication as well. Most of the magazines only feature people who have already built businesses worth millions. Understanding this problem Silicon Valley Time is launching a new platform where new entrepreneurs or business owners can simply create an author account and share their stories to millions of readers worldwide.

Sharing stories and vision is very important for an entrepreneur. Whatever the product or service you are planning to sell, the customer must connect. When a client knows the reason behind your drive and the quality of your product, it brings recommendations. The additional exposure your stories get from media houses like Silicon Valley Time, Huffpost, Fortune, Forbes and more, thriving will be your company. So, as a business owner you need to be active to find opportunities that will help share words about your business.

How to tell your story via Silicon Valley Time?

Silicon Valley Time encourages not only entrepreneurs but also every individual to share their story if they think that will be inspiration to the audience. All the stories will go through the editorial team and send it for publication once the criteria are fulfilled. The process is not difficult and any individual with basic writing skill can be part of it. 

In the future, the publication is also planning to provide funding for those companies or entrepreneurs whose stories stand out. If you are a writer, this is also an interesting opportunity to get paid. The publication is working on paying contributors who share inspirational content regularly.  

If you have a vision start writing your draft today. The platform will help you to save the content, publish and edit it whenever you desire. This will be a great source to save your vision, plan daily moves and learn from other aspiring entrepreneurs. If you need any assistance, the Silicon Valley Time publication team are always available with the support. 

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