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Social Media Influencer and Entrepreneurial Extraordinaire: Merrin Schnabel

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It’s no secret that many successful women wear a variety of hats. Merrin Schnabel not only wears many hats but wears them spectacularly. She is a social media influencer, public speaker, entrepreneur (founding three brands), mother of two, wife, and life and business coach.

Merrin is the genius behind the Geelong Women Business Club, ByMerrin, and The Inspired Health Company. These endeavors further Merrin’s personal mission to use her gifts to serve the world around her.

Merrin’s Entrepreneurial Success

Three or four years ago, Merrin began a spiritual journey. She was longing to learn about her life’s sole purpose. During this introspective journey, she realized that more than anything, she wanted to be a service to the world around her. She wanted her life to helping other people.

Out of this desire, she established the Geelong Women Business Club. This club spreads awareness and works to inspire and empower people to do more in their communities. They foster success and a positive life-work balance in female entrepreneurs.

Merrin spent years in the modeling and acting industry. This industry sparked Merrin’s fondness for beauty, fitness, and wellness. Her success in these industries allowed her to create a solid social media following.

Her social media following played an instrumental role in the creation of her two retail brands. The ByMerrin collection curates deluxe sarongs and kaftans. The Inspired Health Company provides quality fitness products to customers. Both companies are inspired by Merrin’s desire to help people look and feel good. Only the highest quality products are sold by her brands.

Geelong Women Business Club

One of Merrin’s most significant contributions is her establishment of the Geelong Women Business Club. This club aims to inspire people to be the best version of themselves. Club members are equipped to achieve success in their fields through networking and creative collaboration.

The Geelong Women Business Club hosts big live events in Australia. At these events, women are inspired to unleash their true potential. When they leave these events, they have the knowledge and wisdom needed to help them achieve success and manifest abundance.

Merrin’s work through this organization is all about humanity and charity. In addition to her work with the club, she has worked with multiple charities to empower communities.

Making a positive impact on others and giving back to the community is Merrin’s deepest passion. Although her retail lines focus on beauty and wellness, Merrin’s passion for helping others is at the heart of everything she does.

Ongoing Mission

Merrin’s work as a social media influencer grew organically out of her modeling and acting career. As she dove into social media, she found that she loved creating content. Merrin created sponsored content with brands like Mercedes Benz, Mecca, and YSL.

She credits some of her success to her philosophy of putting customers first, always. Both ByMerrin and The Inspired Health Company put the needs of their customers first by only selling the highest quality products.

In the face of her success, Merrin has not forgotten others. She works diligently to be of service to those around her. She wants to bring love, peace, and harmony to the world. Through her social media, coaching, and work with the Geelong Women Business Club, Merrin strives to help individuals become the best version of themselves.

When facing challenges, Merrin hasn’t allowed herself to react negatively to what was in front of her. She holds a deep belief that there’s a reason for everything she faces. That belief has helped her navigate any challenges she faced.

Future Vision & Lifegiving Advice

In the future, Merrin hopes that she can further share her work with the world. She wants to be a world leader who helps people grow as humans. As part of her personal mission, she wants to continue to upscale her work through the Geelong Women Business Club. Merrin hopes to spread the club’s message both locally and internationally.

Ultimately, Merrin has found her life purpose: helping others become the best version of themselves. Whether she works with the Geelong Women Business Club or partners with other charities, her work will ultimately serve to better the communities around her.

Merrin has a powerful message for those wishing to create a fulfilling business: never give up and follow your heart. No matter what you face, don’t give up on your dream. Keep trying, even when things are difficult.

She never allowed negativity or scarcity to stop her from doing what she wanted and urges dreamers to do the same. Each person has a desire in their heart for a reason. When your heart and mind are both motivated, nothing can stop you.

Although Merrin recommends getting advice from coaches and mentors, each person ultimately has to follow their intuition in order to find success. When challenges or people stand in your way, follow your intuition and keep striving toward your best future.

Editorial Desk Editorial team Account! Bringing you entrepreneurial stories. Flourishive views the world through the eyes of entrepreneurship—ambition, ​empathy, the ​grind. Be inspired by articles curated by Flourishive Contributors.