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Speaking From Experience, 3 Top Tips for Entrepreneurs, From Ali Siam CEO of Siam Sports Management



Ali Siam, CEO, and founder of Siam Sports Management in Los Angeles is a sports agent and an entrepreneur. He learned from a young age about hard work and treating people well and has always applied those concepts and attitudes when relating to his clients. Siam shared with us three of the key things that have led to his success as an entrepreneur.

What insights can you share with entrepreneurs that have helped you be successful?

Ali Siam: One of the main things is how you treat people. My parents taught me young that you treat people as people, not as dollar signs. Treat people as people, really get to know them, try to understand their story.  They are people first, not an investment. This attitude will help build a healthier relationship, and they will trust you, leading to a better business connection long term. You always want to treat people well. It is not all about the dollar sign, you need to really get to know clients, understand their story.

How else can entrepreneurs work to be successful?

Ali Siam: The next thing is, to be honest. This applies to everything, do not try to be a fake person, it is so easy to be fake, people are going to see through that. You want clients to trust you, so you need to be honest. Be honest with yourself as well.  Do not go out there with empty promises and things you cannot deliver. For me, I am this big-hearted, honest, emotional guy, and that really resonates with people, it is a breath of fresh air.

There is a lot to cover when it comes to building a business, what is the last tip you have for entrepreneurs?

Ali Siam: You must be able to see things with perspective. Be willing to learn from others. Talk to those around you who are already in the industry, ask them questions, be willing to hear what they say, and learn from them. Put yourself in the role of the client, try and see things from that perspective. People are the key to entrepreneurship, so you need to know what they want and need. Take the time to really learn in-depth about what you are doing before you go into it.

Siam works with his athletes to guide them to the best professional and personal situations, as he says he is there on and off the field. He is always dedicated to clients first and is committed to them through thick and thin. Learn more about Siam and his work on Instagram and through the Siam Sports Management website.

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