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Spencer Vann: Training, Guiding and Supporting Many Homeowners and Entrepreneurs



If your industry is limiting you to do well in many aspects, create your own blue ocean where you can keep mining and continuously earn. 

Selling something that many others are already selling can be very challenging to most individuals. In the real estate industry, this can be a bit easier to get away with. However, if you want to hit bigger numbers and close bigger deals, you have to come up with something unique. Your brand value propositions should stand out among many competitors. Whether it’s your strategy, product, or traffic source, you have to have something different to break out and come through. This is why it is very important to create your very own blue ocean according to Spencer Vann. 

Co-founder and CEO of, Spencer Vann is leading his team of coaches and his company to creating financial advancements for all individuals who have lost their homes to foreclosures or who are owed money by the government. Spencer Vann, with a near-decade of self-development and business experience, and his team provides Coaching and Support services to all homeowners who need help learning more about their foreclosed home’s sales overages or most commonly referred to by people in the real estate industry as surplus funds.

Before discovering surplus funds (an untouched goldmine as what he likes to call it), Spencer Vann spent 2 to 3 years sharpening his craft in real estate and sales psychology. He spent hours, days, and months trying to obsessively learn more about real estate just to make sure he heightens his proficiency in as many aspects of his chosen field as possible. Spencer recalls closing his first wholesale real estate deal at the age of 17 was what pushed him to become a real estate agent trying at the age of 18 to continuously master his skills and expertise in this industry. 

Working and excelling in the real estate industry was never a plan of Spencer Vann. Growing up in a tough home environment where his parents would spend most of their earnings to afford special medical treatment for his younger brother who has severe autism, Spencer initially dreamt of becoming an NBA player while playing as a varsity basketball player during his freshman year. Because of an ankle injury, his dreams of becoming an athlete were forever shattered but were replaced with a dream in the real estate business when his mom shared with him her lifelong dream of buying and owning her own house. Spencer read books, closed his first big deal, and eventually became a real estate agent.

Because of the need to do more in the industry and not just settle for mediocrity, Spencer created his blue ocean and started his business which then found great success with the help of his business partner David Church and their team of financial experts who are professionally training, coaching and guiding many real estate investors and entrepreneurs to start and grow their own surplus funds recovery businesses.

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