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Stefano Malachi: From Humble Beginnings To Top Instagram Star



Stefano Malachi takes the online world by storm to become the number one Indonesian Instagram Star in the UK. This Indonesian decent traveler has become netizens’ favorite with his honest reviews through social media. His figures among the Top 1% TripAdvisor contributors in London.

Stefano Malachi who is today the first Indonesian epicure in the UK, was born in Surabaya in East Java. Stefano’s conversant taste in food can be accredited to his mother. She is known for running a fine dining Indonesian restaurant, which has been the family business since 1985. As a restaurant reviewer, Stefano has reviewed over 200 restaurants in the UK alone, including the popular Aqua Restaurants Group, such as Aqua Shard, Hutong, Aqua Nueva and Aqua Kyoto, and over 50 luxurious hotels and resorts.

Instagram occurred to Stefano Malachi as a hobby in 2012, and his first updates were of sharing his daily meal to social media. In 2013, a bigger idea happened when he began taking food photography for restaurants. The year 2014 saw another big turn when he moved to the UK, obsessed with the country’s diverse culinary culture. The travel bug has been with him for long, and Stefano has visited 30 countries and explored their culture while learning a lot. Stefano is also a chocoholic, and there is always a chocolate in his bag wherever he goes.

“With Indonesia’s over 17,000 islands alone, no wonder I have this desire inside me to explore the world, especially the diverse culinary scenes outside Indonesia”, says the influencer and blogger, Stefano Malachi.

Through hard work, by 2018, he had reached the top 1% on TripAdvisor for the UK, and expanded his reviews to include luxurious hotel chains, reviewing fifty luxury hotels resorts in four top tourist spots: UK, Singapore, Bali and Qatar. He started his Instagram page in 2012, and how has more than sixty-four thousand followers, with fans all over the world, and his blog has received over 3 million views.

“To expand his platform, Stefano Malachi started a TripAdvisor account, which is mentioned as a top 1% reviewer in the UK with over 300k readers. Besides this, his Google Local Guide has a total of 500k views and counting. His popular niche blog is the latest addition to his creative platform, with above 3 million page views as of May 2021. That’s a total of 3.8 million views collectively”, says a spokesperson for Stefano Malachi.

“Recently I am doing more video content as Instagram introduces Instagram Reels, and that’s when I could express myself as a true epicure. I just can’t hide my pleasure indulging in food and drink,” says Stefano Malachi.

Everyone continues to be mesmerized by his dream career, and the way he has transformed his passion for food and travel into a lifelong journey.

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