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Stephanie Barros, One of Australia’s Top Rated Female Performance Coaches, Reveals Her 5 Steps To “Ignite Your SPARK”



“What does success mean to you?”  By all appearances, Stephanie Barros was successful as a senior corporate executive, with an excellent salary, house, family, and social life. Still, she was miserable because she discovered that others definition of success wasn’t hers.

Now Stephanie is a Certified High-Performance Coach, Facilitator, TEDx Speaker, and International Best Selling Author. And she recently was recognized as one of Australia’s Top Rated Female Performance Coaches by Yahoo!  

Stephanie is a wife, mother of three and focused on “Igniting Your SPARK” by working with corporate women in male-dominated industries to increase their ENGAGEMENT, CONFIDENCE, and JOY in work and life, through her 12-session Certified High-Performance CoachingTM program online; whether in groups or one-on-one.

As an executive in the corporate arena, Stephanie experienced herself and observed the lack of support provided to female professionals, particularly in male-dominated industries.  As a result, Stephanie’s mission is to enable women to succeed in their own unique way where they can fully engage at work and home and remain happy and confident without the risk of burnout.

Stephanie attributes her transition from employee to entrepreneur as a result of when she felt the ‘Universal Slap’ that woke her up and ignited her spark.  In her chapter in the book “Ignite Female Change Makers,” she remarks,

“I changed entirely based on the spark ignited in me. It was terrifying to overhaul my life in so many ways, but I knew I had to do it. I had to change. And for me, this change, this journey, was made up of five steps.”

Here are Stephanie’s five decisive steps to ignite everyone’s Spark:

Unleash Your Spirit 

Stephanie’s first step to Igniting “Your SPARK” is to “Unleash Your Spirit.”  She asserts that for the spirit to be healthy, people need a strong foundation of positive self-esteem.  Self-esteem consists of two components. 

One is self-efficacy. That’s the confidence in each individual’s ability to think, learn, choose and make appropriate decisions. 

Two is self-respect. That’s the confidence in each individual’s right to be happy. “The confidence that our ability to achieve, be successful, have friendships, respect, love, and fulfillment are all appropriate for us,” she added.

Stephanie encourages everyone to consider what they can do to strengthen their foundation of positive self-esteem and “Unleash Your Spirit.”

Power Your Performance

Stephanie’s second step is “Power Your Performance.”  Not the performance defined by achievement, but the high-performance level characterized by people’s unique formula for success resulting in a constant feeling of full engagement, joy, and confidence.  Stephanie indicates this is realized by focusing on those levers which will make the most difference while keeping their health and relationships strong.

The framework Stephanie recommends, “Power Your Performance,” is based on the research, data, and science from the High-Performance Institute (HPI).  And it is the foundation for her Certified High-Performance Coaching Program.  

HPI has verified that High Performance is the result of heightened and sustained levels of clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and influence. Stephanie explained, “What the research and data show is that if you develop mastery in these five  areas, then you’ll feel more purposeful and fulfilled.”

Act with Authenticity

Her third step is Act with Authenticity.  Stephanie guides everyone to understand and define their core values and then determine the rules that enable them to enact their values irrespective of their role.  Whether that be spouse, offspring, sibling, friend, or colleague, she states that the rules people attach to their values will provide them with the guide to act and communicate consistently with their unique voice.

“Your values reflect who you want to be, the authentic you,” Stephanie notes that the journey to discover their unique formula for success starts with their values to ensure the steps they take are in alignment with their authentic self.

Rebound with Resilience

The fourth step is “Igniting Your SPARK,” Stephanie indicates Rebound with Resilience.  She considers that “resilience isn’t just showing a brave face but rather being brave enough to truly allow yourself to feel the depth of emotion that a situation or circumstance may generate.” 

She says, “resilience starts with identifying, owning, and allowing yourself to really experience the emotion, and then working through the emotion to come out on the other side.  Rebounding.”

Hone Your Knowledge

Her fifth and final step to “Igniting Your SPARK” is “Hone Your Knowledge.”  She encourages any learning, particularly the combination of maintenance and traditional growth learning, with immersive and transformational learning experiences.

Stephanie says it’s only by learning, growing, and continuously supporting transformational change that people can genuinely ignite their spark.

To find out more about Stephanie’s program, watch her TEDx talk, or access her book, go to her website here and connect with her through social media pages: LinkedIn and Facebook.

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