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Stephen Soo Shares His 3C Model That Increased $24M Business Profit



This COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenge to everyone — especially business owners. There’s no shame in asking for some help. After all, it could help them save the business they’ve worked so hard on.

But where do they even begin? The most reliable people are experts. They’re called experts because they earned that title through hard work and dedication in continuous improvement.

One expert making quite the impact on businesses is Stephen Soo. Not only has he helped businesses increase profit, but he has also taught them to sustain growth using the 3C model. 

Keep reading to learn more about who he is and how he can help people achieve their business goals.

Who Exactly is Stephen Soo?

Stephen Soo is a multi-faceted man who helped businesses increase their profits. By how much exactly? He has increased over $24 million in profit for businesses, and that number is bound to keep growing.

So, Stephen Soo has got the skills to produce mesmerizing results — but who exactly is he? 

Stephen Soo spent over 15 years learning the ins and outs of running a profitable business, participated in high-profile roles in large organizations, and has a highly sought-after end-to-end process skillset that helps companies to identify and overcome internal issues quickly. He’s a Certified Coach specializing in Business Profit whose mission is to help small businesses improve profit and sustain business growth.

Stephen Soo is the founder and investor of Stephen Soo Coaching. Find out more about Stephen here

Business Challenges 

Every business owner faces challenges, and not many can overcome these challenges effectively. Some challenges are complex processes and can sometimes be overwhelming. 

According to Stephen, there are some common challenges that most businesses need to address to generate profit and sustain growth. 

These include:

  • Cash flow management
  • Revenue & sales fluctuation
  • Staff management
  • Risk management
  • Time management
  • Competition & product innovation

Each C addresses the common challenges that most businesses face.

  • Clarity allows passion, purpose, and values to align and become a means to overcoming challenges and achieving new heights through product innovation, staff, time, and risk management.  
  • To support a business’ new heights, cash flow needs to be well managed. When the Cash is well managed, it allows businesses to make better decisions, having clarity where cash is earned and spent and protects relationships with staff members, clients, and suppliers. 
  • Open and Effective Communication facilitates the day-to-day operations within a business, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and minimal time is wasted. 

Clarity, Cash, and Communication are the fundamental building blocks of any business, no matter the size or industry. The model is relatively straightforward; however, mastering each of these areas can be difficult. That’s why working with an expert like Stephen Soo can make a difference for people’s businesses, especially complex challenges that need a tailor-made solution plan.

What are the Next Steps to Take?

When working with Stephen Soo Coaching, people will learn the fundamentals of business success and master the facets of success. Without overcoming the challenges, their business will continue to suffer. Thus the 3C model was created as the solution. More than just overcoming the challenges, the 3C is about elevating people’s businesses too.

To find out more about what Stephen Soo can do for people’s business to increase their profit or help their business grow, connect and follow Stephen Soo on his websiteLinkedIn and Facebook.

Article Published by: Authority Sharks PR


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