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Strategizing success with Ethan Kekoaponoali’i MacAuley, founder of Esquared Media LLC



The contemporary idea of business is driven by various aspects which make it a whole. The primary being the strategic approach which can assist in leading the enterprise to a successful journey while encountering numerous complications and business disputes. To ease the burden of formulating a prudent marketing plan for the business itself, business owners are engaging with institutions that follow a systematic structure to better the PR standing of the firm. Esquared Media LLC is an agency that specializes in driving targeted prospects and new customers to businesses.

Esquared Media LLC, a US-based company, indulges in expert methods to boost the company’s sales, by increasing public interactions and implementing various methods to drive the targeted audience into the business. While Esquared Media LLC is a data-oriented firm, it truly believes in cherishing the customer relationship and creating an atmosphere of familiarity and content. 

Ethan Kekoaponoali’i MacAuley’s initial journey into marketing started with YouTube. Being fascinated by SEO, content creation, and other growth techniques, he was able to garner a following of over 40,000 people, all of who invested deeply into his content. His hard work and precocious business mind have been well awarded by his company’s success. Established in the year 2018, Esquared Media LLC has been able to help over 500 businesses to grow to their full potential, expand their community and hone their business ideas. 

Ethan Kekoaponoali’i MacAuley is a senior at the prestigious institution – Vanderbilt University. When asked about the inspiration behind this trailblazing idea, he credits his upbringing and school privileges. After experiencing numerous schooling systems, he realized how refreshing it feels to break the common norms and follow a non-conventional path. Kekoa believes that our conscience decides the limitation and not the society. Letting go of all the restrictions and liberating your inner desires will lead you to explore the unknown realms which can fascinate you in different ways. Your life will be however you perceive it.

During the initiation of the start-up, Kekoa MacAuley stumbled upon numerous failures, which were the immediate result of his repetitive behavior of engaging in identical practices which have been proved worthless in the past. While explaining the same he says, “I realized that I had to make a change in order to get different results.” After correcting and amplifying his revised methods, he was able to reach breakthroughs in his professional journey, leading to the success of Esquared Media. Kekoa’s journey is inspirational for today’s youth, given his diverse background and success story. 

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