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Sun, Sands, and Solace: Amber Thornburg on The Advantages of Acquiring a Beaufort County Property

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A passionate realtor from Beaufort County, Amber Thornburg makes sure that her clients find the homes of their dreams and achieve their home selling needs. She provides a high-quality service to her clients and will surely find the best homes that fit them and their future. Along with her husband, Wil, their clients are assured to have the best possible experience when looking for homes.

Once from Indiana, Amber and Wil now work for Alliance Group Realty. They serve the areas of Beaufort County, which are Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, and Okatie. They have been servicing the area and providing homes for the people interested in the area for 3 years. They live in Sea Pines on Hilton Head Island’s south side with their 11-year-old dog, Kiki. Amber does not just work on “real estate” but also assists a non-profit organization on the island where they reside. Because Hilton Head Island is just a 12×6 mile island, they both love the many daily happy hours, live music/entertainment, and meeting up with all the locals that the clients will soon become acquainted with.

“The amazing features of our area are numerous. We are noted for our outstanding golf courses and pristine white sandy beaches. The Spanish Moss trees and palm trees will take your breath away. The island is filled with greenery and flowers of all colors.” Amber articulated. Everything from endless outdoor amenities to a diverse range of aquatic creatures that appear at any given time, living in the area is an experience that clients will truly never regret. “The benefit of working in this area is that we bring in people from around the world. You truly become well diverse as you help people from all over the country find their dream home.” She added. Amber also frequently encounters people of diverse origins which shows how favorable the island is to everyone, even the people from different countries. “We are 45 minutes from Savannah, GA and 2 hours from Charleston, Sc. Our Island has its very own Distillery, Winery, and Brewery. Water Sports and daily cruises are one of the many attractive features of our area. Hilton Head and our Beaches win awards year after year. If the idea of a “slow life”, kind neighbors, sand, sun, ocean breeze, water, happy hours, acoustic music, activities galore, history, then you might want to consider to #COMELIVEWITHUS”.

She, and her husband, usually works with both home buyers and sellers. “We do not hold a rental license, so we do not “rent” units and we do not sell commercial buildings or real estate,” Amber said. They do help investors from around the world find the perfect investment opportunity which their area is abundant of. “We are a vacation destination, and this island is filled with tourists year-round. We also help people find ‘future homes’ here.” Amber added. Some clients buy their properties in the area years ahead as they slowly reach their retirement age and spend their days in a place worth living.

When asked about the current market, Amber responded “Our market is HOT… Bluffton, Sun City, and Hilton Head Island seem to be the place to be right now. We have many buyers coming down and many Sellers understand this is a great time to sell. It’s an exciting time to be in Real Estate”. Her service to her area has not failed her clients. It’s either she finds them a good home or an amazing one. She does her best to serve her clients’ needs and wants in a house which she does best since her area is filled with everything that a client could ever want when looking for a stress-relieving atmosphere.

She has a few pieces of advice to give to the three usual types of clients looking to acquire a home in her area. For buyers, she recommends that they seek the help and assistance of those who are knowledgeable of the area. Realtors like her can help anyone find the home that they are suited for. For investors, she says “Our Island is a top 10 tourist destination. We are noted for our beaches. It is busy ALL year-round. You can’t go wrong investing in Hilton Head. Rentals are desperately needed every month of the year. We are a great place to invest in”. Finally, for sellers, she advises that they should have a game plan once they acquire a property. She recommends starting as soon as possible since home lookers will come flooding in as they start selling a property within the area.

Want to find out more about Amber? Contact her through her email at teamindysc@gmail.com. Or call her number: (765) 7601774

Editorial Desk Editorial team Account! Bringing you entrepreneurial stories. Flourishive views the world through the eyes of entrepreneurship—ambition, ​empathy, the ​grind. Be inspired by articles curated by Flourishive Contributors.