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Swaray’s new collaboration with Famous Dex called ‘Glacier’ revolves around a song that talks about how money has become the trap of life. 



The Los-Angeles based famous rapper, Swaray has released his new single ‘Glaciers’, a unique rap focusing on how people get stuck in the traps of life, dragged there by money. ‘Glaciers’ hit 100k views in a week after its release and the hypnotic synth loop and irregular pitch of the song are mind-blowing, while the flow of Swaray‘s speech and smart and intoxicating lyrics catch listeners’ attention.

Swaray, The New Generation Rap Singer is becoming the new face of hypnotic rap. He has exposed the terrifying face of money in ‘Glaciers’. Swaray is known for his king-like attitude and swagger. He has made a blast in the year 2020 with several pro-shot videos and a new hit music album named ‘Luxury Love’. ‘Luxury Love’ opens up about his excellent preference for dating and romance. The songs of this album are full-on swag and yes, people love them. Swaray has successfully collaborated with popular singers like Balibaby and Xanman in past. He has a long term partnership with Vida De Finura who provide him with distribution and production help.

Swaray is a confident singer who always made better than before whenever he took the microphone in his hand. He is a born star and his inner qualities have made his career successful. He evolved continuously from the early days of his career. He is  a boom of energy who will rule the rap industry. Swaray’s most popular albums like ‘Jammin no Scammin’, ‘ Luxury Love’, ‘Love Less’ can be found on any online music streaming platforms like YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify etc. His most listened to tracks are ‘Glaciers’, ‘Luxury Love’, ‘Trap Romance’, ‘Luxury Thug’, ‘Mob Ties’ and many more.

All albums are available on all platforms including YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify and more.

Some links of Swaray‘s most listened to tracks:

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Christian Harmon aka Swaray was born on November 21, 1993 in Maryland, but is a Los-Angeles based rapper, singer and songwriter. He has successfully collaborated with artists like XanMan, Balibaby and Famous Dex. From the early days of his career, Swaray gained attention because of his fluent rap and proper speech. The year 2020 has turned out as the golden year for Swaray with massive hits. With years of experience, the flow of his rap and the hypnotic scenes in his videos.

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