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Tailored Fitness Consulting with Donna Page

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Donna Page is a holistic fitness trainer based in Monaco. She is an entrepreneur and the CEO of DPone Healthy. In her business, she helps women balance all parts of their life to achieve their fitness goals. Donna creates custom plans tailored to the scheduling, mindset, and body needs of her clients.

Donna’s fitness consulting helps women of all fitness levels to achieve their goals. Not only do women get more self-confidence, but they’re equipped with lifestyle changes that help them keep their energy up and their stress levels down.

The Birth of DPone Healthy Method

Several years ago, Donna started her fitness journey when she began training with Tracy Anderson. Tracy Anderson’s Method involved daily effort meant to connect a woman with herself.

When she first started working with Tracy, Donna trained for an hour a day, six days each week. She also incorporated twenty minutes of cardio dance three times a week. These changes allowed Donna to completely change her body. Tracy became Donna’s muse, inspiring her to use her passion for fitness to build a thriving business.

Out of this passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle, Donna created the DPone Healthy Method. This fitness method combines Pilates moves with Dance Barre in a dynamic way. Great music makes the workouts both productive and fun.

Donna Page

Donna Page

How the DPone Healthy Method is Changing Lives

Donna works with women of all different fitness levels to help them achieve physical and mental wellness. Unlike many fitness programs, Donna’s programs help women balance their work and family life to improve their physical and mental health.

Because mental health is so closely tied to physical wellbeing, Donna believes that women must work on all areas of health in order to see progress with their diet and fitness plans. Mindset work is an essential part of getting fit or healthy. Donna’s holistic approach to fitness allows women to tackle all parts of their lives.

Fitness and nutrition are still extremely important for overall health. Proper diet helps women improve their health, increase energy levels, and resolve body issues like skin and hair health. Women involved in Donna’s programs often exhibit less stress and more energy, helping them face the world with confidence.

Each woman enrolled in Donna’s programs has a tailored plan to help her make choices that fit her body type and lifestyle. Donna provides women with nutritional advice and workout tips to help them create balance in their lives.

Some women opt to receive tailored, one-on-one consulting. During these sessions, Donna helps each woman find the best program (based on body chemistry) to help her reach her goals. These plans are completely unique, since no two people are exactly alike.

One-on-one sessions can help women kickstart a healthy lifestyle with added motivation and accountability. During these sessions, Donnal helps women learn about primary food and secondary foods, nutrition, and portion control. They also learn about ingredients that are harmful and should be avoided.

Donna Page

Donna’s Available Programs

Donna offers a variety of programs, allowing women to choose a plan that best fits their needs and budget.

One Month at a Time: this plan allows women to test drive Donna’s diet and fitness program for a month. During this one-month commitment, women can decide whether or not they’re ready to commit to a year of fitness. Women using the one month at a time plan receive access to classes, workouts, and other great features to help them reach their health goals.

6 Months Away from Confidence: this plan provides women with 180 days to complete their fitness goals. Not only will this plan help women make time for exercise, but it helps women feel confident about themselves. When they see how far they’ve come, they’ll be empowered for further self-improvements.

365 Days to Strength: this plan helps women become the best versions of themselves. Women are asked to visualize themselves one year from now. They are then empowered to reach their visualized results with one year of health, fitness, and mindset work.

1 Month + One-on-One and 1 Month + 2 Coaching Sessions: these plans allow women to sign up for one month of classes and a customized fitness plan. Women enrolled in these plans also receive one-on-one consulting sessions to help them make a bigger impact on their wellness.

Donna’s Qualifications

Donna graduated with a degree in economics. After receiving this degree, she went on to become a Qualified Health Coach at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Donna has completed the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd levels of Pilates Mat Work at Balance Body School. She is both a Certified Body Barre and Certified Pilates instructor.

Donna uses her DPone Healthy Method to help women achieve their wellness and fitness goals. This method combines healthy food, regular workouts, and a positive attitude to create a holistic plan for wellness.

Find out more about what Donna Page’s got for you on https://dponehealthy.com/online-studio-subscribe/.

Editorial Desk Editorial team Account! Bringing you entrepreneurial stories. Flourishive views the world through the eyes of entrepreneurship—ambition, ​empathy, the ​grind. Be inspired by articles curated by Flourishive Contributors.