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Take your brand to the next level and save money on your gross income with the KR27 Group



The last 18 months have been incredibly challenging for individuals and organizations across the globe. The global pandemic has highlighted the need for strong finances, and innovative brand The KR27 Group provides businesses with an array of marketing and financing solutions designed to elevate their company and save them money.

With over ten years of experience, the KR27 Group is a forward-thinking agency that has helped transform the fortunes of over 1,300 clients. Established by Kevin Rodas, The KR27 Group combines an array of proven marketing strategies alongside financial advice. This unique strategy has been designed to help businesses to increase their customer base by maximizing their digital reach while also helping them to lower their costs and save significant sums of money each year.

The KR27 Group utilizes the decade of knowledge to provide clients with unrivaled marketing solutions. In this fast-paced world, social media is one of the most valuable tools that businesses have, which is why their dedicated team focuses on building specific targeted adverts for companies, helping them to reach even more customers.

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Alongside this, they create dedicated bot marketing and email solutions, allowing them to continuously reach out to both existing customers and potential new clients. The KR27 Group’s talented team can also help clients with their Search Engine Optimization (SEO), ensuring that they are able to outrank their clients and drive more traffic towards their brand.

Unlike other agencies, The KR27 Group is focused on helping its clients to achieve their best. That is why it also hosts regular coaching sessions designed to help them improve their knowledge and skills, so they can continue to push their brand forward.

Over its ten years of experience, the KR 27 Group has successfully completed over 1,500 projects for 1,300 clients and regularly focuses on working with eight and nine-figure companies. Based in Northern California, the company works with clients across the globe, focusing on helping them to grow their digital presence and grow their business.

The business was created by Kevin Rodas, who has been working across marketing and finance since he was 19 years old. Using this experience and wanted to help clients maximize their profits, he launched The KR27 Group.

For 2021, Kevin and his highly experienced team have set their sights on expanding its reach to help over 50 more clients. In the long term, the company is aiming to become an eight-figure agency while also becoming the go-to provider for marketing and finance. The agency is currently working with a number of well-known figures and organizations and has recently helped one client save over $500,000 a year in their taxes.

Speaking recently about the success of the brand, The KR27 Group founder Kevin Rodas added, “We have all had a rough time over the last 18 months with the pandemic, but as things begin to move back to normal, it is the perfect time for companies to seize the opportunity to take their brand forward. Marketing and finance are incredibly important, and here at The KR27 Group, our mission is to help businesses and individuals transform their digital marketing, expand their customer base, and make significant savings.

We utilize our decade of experience to give our customers the very best service possible. Our mission is to help brands to take risks and follow their dreams by harnessing their skills and maximizing their online presence.”

To find out more about how Kevin and The KR27 Group can help you, visit

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