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Taya Millers Love For Marvel and DC Created a Career For Her



“Follow your passion” is a catchphrase these days. It is no doubt that if you want a fulfilling career, you need to do what you love. There is always a dilemma of making a scary leap toward your passion or following the vague advice, “just go for it.”

Taya Miller is a one-of-a-kind actress, model, and cosplayer who has gone against all odds to live out her career. However, her passions can be traced back to her upbringing. As Taya explained, her parents are selfless people who worked hard to create a good life for Taya and her brother. They have been there for every milestone and celebration. While growing up, Taya’s father introduced her to Marvel, DC, and Star Wars.

The Come Up 

Taya Miller continually bonded with her family over these franchises, and it made her love them even more. When Taya left for college outside of the state, she often found herself homesick. She always watched a movie, either Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, or DC, whenever she missed home. Taya said that she felt a piece of her family in them. 

A time came when Taya attended her first-ever comic convention in 2019 in Orlando, which introduced her to a whole new world: cosplay. She started watching cosplayers on social media. “What if I give it a shot myself?” Taya thought. Little did Taya know that it was the start of a successful career. 

Turning Passions To Full-Time Business & Disrupting The Industry

Today, Taya Miller is her brand. Her content revolves around Pop Culture, covering Marvel, DC, Disney, Star Wars, and more. She is currently acting, producing content, writing a book, and collaborating with brands. Taya inspires others and partners with companies and studios, promoting new and upcoming shows, movies, and projects and bringing exciting content on social media. Her brand is expanding into acting, modeling, and publishing books. 

Additionally, Taya focuses on encouraging others to be themselves and chase what they want. She has amassed over 4 million followers on social media and has turned her passions into a full-time business. Her primary collaboration partners include Walt Disney Studios, Marvel Studios, LucasFilm, Warner Bros. Pictures, HBO, Paramount, Make a Wish, Team Liquid, Ultra, Sideshow, Hot Top, Coach, and More. 

The Secret To Taya’s Success

Taya creates fun cosplay and video content for Marvel, DC, Star Wars, anime, and other franchises, for viewers to enjoy across multiple platforms. She has also made a point to bring inclusivity and positivity onto her platform, as she wants others to be confident in themselves and not limit themselves because they are scared of what others might think of them. Taya overcame the fear in her mind of what people thought about her. She also learned how to balance her life and career. To avoid burnout and stress, Taya loves doing something she loves most, like drinking a cup of coffee or giving herself some days off. 

In conclusion, Taya has learned how to create a sustainable schedule and trust the process. She has put her mind on training to tell herself that she can do everything. That is what has propelled her even to greater heights in her career. 

For more information, you can connect with Taya Miller on Instagram.

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