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The 5 Business Trends You Need to Ditch in 2021



When it comes to entrepreneurship, it’s difficult not to get lost in the noise of new social media trends, popular platforms, and strict how-to lists. With so many businesses claiming sure-fire success, it can be very tempting to do as they do. After all, aren’t we always being told not to re-invent the wheel?

However, if the past year taught us anything, is that the world craves less cookie-cutter templates, and more authenticity and genuine connection. That same realness is the key to a loyal and engaged client base, and therefore, a sustainable & successful business.

Drea Guinto is a Yahoo! Finance Top Spiritual Business Coach that combines spirituality with business development to help entrepreneurs start and grow intentional and impactful businesses. She is the Owner and Founder of Soul Flow Co. – whose mission is to shift the traditional business paradigm of hustle and scarcity with conscious business practices and inclusive community building. 

Below, Drea outlines the 5 business trends business owners need to ditch in 2021 in order to grow your business organically.

Filters and Presets.

Perfectly curated feeds and heavily filtered photos are so 2017. Your audience craves AUTHENTICITY. They want to see what’s real. This year show off your scars, wrinkles, pimples, lumps and bumps. You are worthy and magnetic exactly as you are!

Cold Pitching.

You’ve likely got that infamous one-liner in your DMs: “Hey girl, I love your content! What do you do?” And they proceed to try to pitch you their course/product. You likely don’t resonate with this, and your Soul Client doesn’t either. This year, take the time to get to know your person and build solid relationships. Your people don’t want to be SOLD, they want to be SEEN!

Staying Surface Level.

We all know life isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. And creating a feed flaunting a perfect life won’t resonate with your audience. So instead, let them in. Be real. You’ll find that your authentic message bonds you to your tribe, which is the foundation of successful soulpreneurship!

FOMO Marketing.

“Buy now, or else…” “Only 1 spot left…” Enticing sales using FEAR and SCARCITY is hardly the energy we need as conscious, soul-led businesses. Instead, lead with ABUNDANCE and INCLUSIVITY:

“There is space for you, and I have a seat with your name on it!”

“I believe so much in what I do, which is why I want this for you, too!”

Single Bottom Line Strategy.

We’re way beyond the automotive industry of the 1920s. Thriving businesses serve not just their income statement, but the world as a whole. As Conscious CEOs, we create to broaden our overall impact: Economics, Environment and Society. And to do this, we need to do the inner work ourselves. We must know our WHY. We define our brand values and mission, and embody the lessons we teach.

 By ditching these 5 trends and implementing Drea’s advice instead, you will soon find yourself on the way to approaching your business as an extension of yourself. And your business will not only stand apart, but your audience will love you for it.

If you would like to learn more about approaching your business strategy with a soul-led approach and calling in consistent clientele, download Drea’s free ‘Grow Your Tribe’ course here.

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