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The Best Social Media Marketing Book For Real Estate Agents



The real estate industry is becoming a more and more popular career path for those who admire helping people make the home buying and selling process as easy as possible. Research from the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO) estimates that “there are over 3 million active real estate licensees in the United States.”

In a highly competitive market – you may ask how are agents thriving? Here are 3 significant ways agents are driving qualified leads in 2021.

  • Social media marketing
  • Connection building
  • Referrals

As an agent it’s crucial to have a social media presence so you can accomplish all three of those lead generating strategies. Social media marketing is an excellent way to build connections with past and potential clients along with reaching targeted audiences that you didn’t think you would be able to reach before.

On social media – it’s also important to encourage referrals through sharing your 5 star reviews and emphasizing that your clients are extremely happy with the work you have done!

So you get the point – social media marketing is crucial. Unfortunately, so many agents know this but what they don’t know is where to even start, what to post, or even how to post…

The solution to this is “

The book describe’s itself as “The vast majority of real estate agents have insufficient content strategies to fully leverage social media to their advantage. In order to thrive in a saturated industry, it’s crucial to build a stand out personal brand across social media and reach your target audience within your local community.

If you are an agent and constantly wondering “what should I post on social media?” You are facing the tough world of social media that’s an absolute must in the competitive real estate world. Being an agent is one job and constantly thinking of creative and engaging content to post on social media is an entirely different job. “365 Days of Social Media Posts For Real Estate Agents” is the solution to never running out of ideas for what to share on your social platforms. This book provides you a years worth of unique content ideas to grow and establish your real estate brand on Facebook and Instagram.

Don’t spend another day wasting hours trying to come up with what to post on social media. Save yourself time and energy and order your copy today!

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